401(k) Business Financing Plan

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Updated on August 11, 2023

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401(k) plans for businesses are by far the most common type of 401(k) plan in use today.

Although labor unions and professional organizations can also use this type of plan, they are found primarily with private employers.

The rules and regulations for these plans are the same as for any other type of 401(k) plan.

The employer has the power to determine features such as matching contributions, the vesting schedule, loan provisions and plan eligibility.

There can also be a profit-sharing element added to the plan at the employer's discretion.

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Self-Employed 401(k) Plan

401(k) plans are used by most businesses to attract and retain quality employees as well as to add an asset to the business's balance sheet.

Self-employed businesses can sponsor a self-employed 401(k) plan, where the sole proprietor can make contributions both as an employee and the employer.

SIMPLE 401(k) Plan

Employers that do not want the administrative responsibility of sponsoring and administering a qualified 401(k) plan can use a SIMPLE 401(k) plan instead, which is a much simpler type of plan.

This type of plan does not have the same strict record-keeping and nondiscrimination requirements that come with all traditional plans.

401(k) Plans For Businesses FAQs

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