Finance Strategists sponsors an electronic referral and listing service through its website located at https://www.financestrategists... (Website), through which Users can research and be contacted by qualified advisors, such as financial advisors, financial planners, accountants, mortgage brokers, investment advisors, and insurance professionals (collectively, Advisors).

Finance Strategists provides Users with one or more Advisors who meet the User's criteria and based on what Finance Strategists believes to be in such User's best interest. Users must evaluate and choose on their own the Advisor with which they would like to work after reviewing the information provided by Finance Strategists about the Advisor or by reviewing advisor credentials here. Finance Strategists is not responsible for determining or reviewing any advice an Advisor gives to a User.

For Finance Strategists services, Finance Strategists may charge its Advisors an annual membership subscription, a per lead fee for each qualified lead (containing User contact information), or a flat marketing fee for leads delivered to that Advisor. The fees are determined by the services that the lead chooses and those which the Advisor offers, as well as the minimum portfolio size required by the Advisor. Each Advisor'’s Form ADV Part 2A disclosure contains a description of the services provided, fees charged, as well as other important disclosures. A link to each Advisor’s form ADV Part 2A can be found on their SEC profile, which can be found on https://adviserinfo.sec.gov/. There are no charges for Users to use the Finance Strategists Services.

Finance Strategists may enter into agreements with third parties, including broker-dealers, custodians and other providers of financial services, which would allow Finance Strategists to include a link to its Website from the websites of those third parties. Those agreements may authorize Finance Strategists to compensate the sponsors of those sites by paying them fees that are based on the amount Finance Strategists earns based on how many Users use the service from those links. Other than such arrangement, Finance Strategists does not have relationships with broker-dealers or custodians and does not accept products, services, or research from any broker-dealer.*

A copy of Finance Strategists Terms of Use is available. Finance Strategists requires that all Advisors have obtained the proper licensing from the SEC, FINRA or other regulatory body.

By using the Services provided herein, you hereby acknowledge receipt of (1) this disclosure, (2) the Form ADV Part 2A of each Advisor to whom you are matched, and (3) Finance Strategists Terms and Conditions of Service, all as required by SEC regulations.

Should you have any questions about this disclosure, please do not hesitate to contact Finance Strategists or any of the Advisors to whom you have been matched. You may also print or save a copy of this disclosure for your records.

Email: info{@}financestrategists.com

Phone: ‪(213) 536-9984‬

5550 Tech Center Drive

Colorado Springs,

CO 80919

*Financial Advisors in our network may be dually registered advisors; in addition to being registered as an RIA, may also be registered representatives offering securities through broker dealers.

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