401(k) Plan Restatement Cycle

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Updated on March 12, 2023

401(k) plans (as well as other retirement plans) must be "restated" in order to remain up to date with the IRS.

According to the IRS, the restatement cycle for 401(k) plans lasts "every 5 years for individually designed plans, or 6 years for pre-approved plans."

At the end of the cycle, all 401(k) plans must be completely rewritten from scratch in order to incorporate all of the changes in the tax and other guidelines that were legislated throughout the cycle.

Interim amendments should be made to 401(k) plans as necessary to keep up with rule changes, but a plan restatement is still necessary at the end of the restatement cycle.

This helps the plan to stay current with tax and other legal changes to the plan without becoming overburdened with amendments.

401(k) Plan Administrator

The 401(k) plan administrator is responsible for restating the plan, and it must keep detailed records of every restatement, every amendment and any other change or modification to the plan since its inception.

If a plan is audited, the IRS will require this information, and administrators that do not have all of the required records may enter into a voluntary correction program that allows them to correct and/or update their books for a fee that is considerably less than the penalty that the IRS would otherwise charge for being out of compliance.

Again, 401(k) plans that use a prototype document (or pre-approved plan) to govern the plan have restatement cycles lasting for six years.

Plans that have been individually designed generally have a restatement cycle of five years.

Amendments must be made to both types of plans during their respective cycles in order to remain compliant.

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401(k) Plan Restatement Cycle FAQs

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