How Do I Find My 401(k) Plan Administrator?

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Updated on March 09, 2023

All 401(k) plans involve several different parties.

The employer is the plan sponsor that established the plan and encouraged its employees to participate in it.

The custodian holds the funds that are contributed into the plan and keeps them safe. And the administrator handles the day-to-day nuts and bolts operations of the plan.

The administrator handles tasks such as issuing loans from the plan, moving money around from one investment to another within the plan at the request of a participant and sending account statements to each participant, among other things.

Administrators have a long list of responsibilities related to administering the plan that typically go unnoticed by the vast majority of participants.

For this reason, many employers outsource this important function to a third-party administrator that is in the business of managing 401(k) plans.

How to Contact My 401(k) Plan Administrator

If you need to find out how to get hold of your plan administrator, your employer's human resources officer or department will have this information.

The plan statements that you receive will also most likely show the contact information of the administrator so that you can call or email them if you need to.

It may also list the administrator's website, where you can go to get further contact information if necessary.

The plan administrator will most likely have a group of employees working in a call center who are devoted to servicing the individual requests and demands of the plan participants.

401(k) Plan Administrator Contact

For example, if you want to change your fund allocations so that you're invested more conservatively (or more aggressively, depending upon your investment objectives, risk tolerance and time horizon), then you'll call or email your plan's administrator and talk to a customer service representative to accomplish this.

Your call may be recorded for quality assurance.

How Do I Find My 401(k) Plan Administrator? FAQs

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