Form SSA-44

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Updated on December 20, 2022

What Is Form SSA-44?

Form SSA-44 can be used to request a decrease in an individual's income-related monthly adjustment amount (IRMAA). Such a request can be triggered when an individual encounters a significant life change that results in a decrease in income.

Your monthly Medicare Part B (medical insurance) and Medicare prescription drug coverage premiums are adjusted following the legislation if your income is in a higher bracket.

The additional amount is referred to as the income-related monthly adjustment amount or IRMAA.

Suppose you are required to pay higher premiums. In that case, the Social Security Administration (SSA) sends you a letter with your premium amount due and the justification for such a decision.

Who Needs to Fill Out Form SSA-44?

Anyone who experiences life-changing events that reduce their income can use Form SSA-44 to request a decrease in their IRMAA. 

Such events include individuals who just got married or divorced. Death of a spouse, work stoppage or reduction, or lost pension income can cause income reduction. Also, cases of employer settlement can qualify for this form.

Those not required to pay the IRMAA do not need to use this form.

The SSA makes use of the most current IRS-provided federal tax return. The SSA determines the adjustments using a sliding scale depending on modified adjusted gross income (MAGI). 

By computing your MAGI, you can establish if you must pay an IRMAA.

The MAGI is the total of all adjusted gross income plus interest from tax-exempt sources.

Below are tables for 2022 that determine if an individual needs to pay the IRMAA based on their MAGI.


How to Fill Out Form SSA-44

Below are steps to help fill out Form SSA-44:

Step 1: Indicate Life-Changing Event

Individuals who use the form should check one life-altering incident and provide the date it occurred. In cases where many life-altering events occur, they should contact Social Security.

Step 2: Fill in Reduction in Income

Indicate the amount of the adjusted gross income for that year, the tax-exempt interest income, and their tax filing status. Both income figures are found in their IRS Form 1040.

Step 3: Input Your MAGI Information

Estimate the impact of the life-changing event on the individual's MAGI for the following year. Provide the anticipated adjusted gross income, tax-exempt interest income, and filing status for the upcoming tax year.

The estimated MAGI must be lower than the amount in step 2. Otherwise, skip this step.

Step 4: Provide Documentation

Provide evidence of MAGI and life-changing events. The original or documentation copies must be sent to the SSA by mail or shown to an SSA employee. 

Step 5: Sign & Provide Contact Information

Sign the form and provide contact information for the perusal of SSA.

Where to Submit Form SSA-44

Submit the form to the local SSA office, along with any other information needed. It is advisable to send these papers via certified mail.

It is also possible to submit the form in person, which allows you to get confirmation that the request was received.

Final Thoughts

Form SSA-44 is used to account for life-changing events that have an effect on individuals’ Medicare Part B premiums and their prescription drug coverage.

Those who have to pay their income-related monthly adjustment amount and have experienced significant life changes can use this form to request a recalculation of their monthly premium.

When submitting the form, the life-changing event must be declared, the reduction in their income, their MAGI. They have to provide documentation, their contact number, and signature.

The form can be submitted in person at the local SSA office or by sending it by certified mail. This guarantees that the form was received and processed in due time.

Form SSA-44 FAQs

What is a Form SSA-44?

Form SSA-44 is a document used to report life changes that can affect an individual's Medicare Part B premiums and prescription drug coverage in order to request a recalculation of their monthly premium.

Where do you file form SSA-44?

Form SSA-44 can be filed in person at the local Social Security office or sent by certified mail.

When should you submit form SSA-44?

Form SSA-44 should be submitted as soon as possible after the life-changing event has occurred.

Can you file SSA-44 online?

No, form SSA-44 must be submitted in person or by certified mail. It cannot be filed online.

Who should not fill out Form SSA-44?

Form SSA-44 should not be completed by individuals who are not liable for income-related monthly adjustment amounts. These individuals typically have a limited income.

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