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Updated on March 26, 2023

Complete this quiz on worksheets to test your knowledge and prepare for your exams and interviews. The test contains 10 multiple choice questions (MCQs).

In this test, each MCQ has 4 answers, and you need to choose the correct response. If you find some questions difficult, you can learn what's required on the worksheet page.

1. What is the name for a large columnar working sheet used by accountants to analyze the financial data for the preparation of financial statements at the end of the accounting period?
2. A working paper of accountants, prepared with a lead pencil, is called:
3. How many columns does a worksheet contain?
4. A worksheet contains:
5. A worksheet is extremely useful for:
6. A worksheet is a convenient device to prepare which of the following?
7. A worksheet is a:
8. Amounts in the trial balance column of a worksheet are recorded directly from the:
9. Which one of the following is not a permanent record of accounting?
10. A worksheet is:

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