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Updated on March 26, 2023

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1. Which one of the following is known as the king of all books of accounts?
2. Transferring information from the journal to the ledger is known as:
3. Which of the following accounts is expected to have a debit balance?
4. The collection of all accounts in a business enterprise is known as the:
5. An account with a credit balance in the general ledger is classified as:
6. The process of finding out the balance of a ledger account is known as:
7. The left hand side of a ledger account is known as the:
8. In a ledger account, the difference between the total of the debit side and the total of the credit side is known as the:
9. If the total of the debit side exceeds the total of the credit side, the ledger account is said to have a:
10. In accounting, the abbreviation Dr. is used for:
11. If an account has a credit balance, it means:
12. In accounting, the term credit is usually abbreviated as:
13. Which of following types of accounts normally have a credit balance?
14. In a ledger account, if total of the debit side is equal to the total of the credit side, the account is said to have a:
15. A non-zero balance in a ledger account represents:
16. Which of the following correctly represents the sequence of the accounting cycle?
17. The book in which business transactions are recorded in classified form is the:
18. The function of the ledger is:
19. A separate record for each account is maintained in the:
20. Sundry debtors is the total of all balance on:
21. Double Entry Accounting System is successfully applied through:
22. The process of transferring data from journal to ledger is called:
23. Ledger is a book in which accounts are opened:
24. Ledger is also called:
25. Difference between two sides of an account is:

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