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Updated on March 26, 2023

Take a quick multiple choice question (MCQ) test on the topic of cash flow statements. These MCQs will help you prepare for your exams, interviews, and other tests. Just click the "Start quiz" button to begin the test.

If you find it difficult to answer any of these questions, check out our article on cash flow statements from the explanation section of the website.

1. The statement that shows a company's cash situation is called:
2. A cash flow statement shows what type of activities?
3. According to IAS-7, a cash flow statement becomes effective on:
4. IAS-7 is applied for the preparation and presentation of:
5. According to IAS-7, a bank overdraft is shown in:
6. A cash flow statement is prepared according to:
7. According to IAS-7, issuing shares is an example of:
8. The key activity in cash flow activities is:

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