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1. The process of recording business transactions in chronological order is called:
2. Another name for a journal is:
3. A journal entry that involves more than two accounts is called:
4. A written explanation below each journal entry is known as:
5. The discount calculated on the list price of the goods is called:
6. The day book is another name for:
7. The correct journal entry for return of merchandise purchased from Mr. Smith on account is:
8. The column of the journal used to record the page number of the ledger account is known as:
9. Stolen merchandise should be debited to:
10. Loss of goods by fire should be debited to:
11. The owner of the business takes $100 cash and goods costing $200 for his family. The proper journal entry for this transaction is:
12. Which of the following best describes the trade discount:
13. The term used for the discount offered by sellers to encourage prompt payments is known as:
14. The cash discount given is debited because it is:
15. The cash discount received is credited because it is:
16. Mr. Smith invests $10,000 cash in his business. The account to be credited is:
17. When a customer returns merchandise, the account to be debited is:
18. The correct entry for the purchase of merchandise on account is:
19. To record a transaction in the general journal correctly, the accountant needs to:
20. The correct entry for the sale of merchandise on account is:

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