Retirement Planning in Corning, NY

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SEC File# 801-114654
CRD# 299263
5 out of 5
Location 181 E 2nd St, Corning, NY 14830, USA
Phone (607) 962-0605
SEC File# 801-112546
CRD# 284120
Location 10 E Market St, Corning, NY 14830, USA
Phone (607) 438-2761
Chamber of Commerce
Location 1 W Market St #202, Corning, NY 14830, USA
Phone (607) 936-4686
John G. Ullman & Associates, Inc.
Location 51 E Market St, Corning, NY 14830, USA
Phone (607) 936-3785
O Brien Financial Group
5 out of 5
Location 99 W 1st St, Corning, NY 14830, USA
Phone (607) 973-2440
Retirement Planning in Corning, NY

About Corning, NY for Those Planning to Retire

Corning, NY is located in Steuben County and is home to the Corning Museum of Glass, the world's largest glass museum. The top employers in Corning are Corning Inc., Arnot Ogden Medical Center, and Wegmans Food Markets. The major highways and streets in Corning are Interstate 86 and New York State Route 17. The neighborhoods in Corning are the Gaffer District, Southside, and West End.

Other Financial Planning Services for Retirement

Banks and Credit Unions

Banks and credit unions offer a variety of services that can benefit those living in Corning, NY. For example, banks offer checking and savings accounts, as well as certificates of deposit (CDs). They also offer loans, including personal loans, home mortgages, and car loans. In addition, many banks have ATMs where customers can withdraw cash or check their account balances without having to go into the bank itself. Credit unions are very similar to banks but often have more limited services. For instance, they may not offer home mortgages or car loans. However, they often have lower interest rates on loans and higher interest rates on savings accounts than banks do. Credit unions may also offer special deals to their members that banks do not offer.

Estate Planning Lawyer

If you live in the Corning, NY area and are looking for ways to protect your estate and ensure that your loved ones are taken care of after you die, then you should consider working with an estate planning lawyer. Estate planning is the process of creating a plan for how your property and assets will be distributed after your death. A good estate planning lawyer can help you create a plan that will meet your specific needs and requirements, and will also help to ensure that your loved ones are taken care of properly in the event of your death.

Mortgage Loan Officer

If you live in Corning, NY and are in the market for a new home, it's important to work with a mortgage loan officer. A good loan officer can help you secure the best possible interest rate on your mortgage and can also help you avoid common pitfalls that can lead to costly mistakes.

Wealth Management

Living in Corning, NY comes with a lot of benefits, but it can also be difficult to manage your money on your own. That's why working with a wealth manager in your area can be so helpful. They can help you make the most of your money and ensure that you're taking advantage of all the benefits that living in Corning has to offer.

Financial Advisor

Living in Corning, NY can be a great experience, but it's important to have a financial advisor to help make the most of your money. A good financial advisor can help you save for retirement, invest your money wisely, and plan for the future. They can also help you get out of debt and manage your expenses.

Insurance Broker

If you live in Corning, NY, working with an insurance broker can be one of the smartest decisions you make. Brokers have access to a wide variety of insurance plans and can help you find the best coverage for your needs and budget. They can also help you file claims and navigate the often-complex world of insurance. If something happens and you need to make a claim, having a broker on your side can make the process much easier. Don't go it alone, work with a broker today.

Tax Services

Residents of Corning, NY may find that working with a local tax accountant can be very beneficial. By consulting with an accountant, residents can ensure they are taking advantage of all the tax deductions and credits to which they are entitled. Additionally, an accountant can help residents plan their taxes ahead of time, ensuring they pay the least amount possible.


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