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Port Jefferson, NY Wealth Management Firms

St. James Investment Advisors
SEC File# 801-107821
CRD# 283880
Location 414 Main St Suite 205, Port Jefferson, NY 11777, USA
Phone (800) 966-9343
Fortitude Investment Group
5 out of 5
Location 417 E Main St #300, Port Jefferson, NY 11777, USA
Phone (631) 474-1610
Merrill Edge Financial Solutions
Location 911 NY-112, Port Jefferson Station, NY 11776, USA
Phone (631) 642-8984
Harbor Financial Management
Location 314 Main St, Port Jefferson, NY 11777, USA
Phone (631) 473-6314
Morgan Stanley Financial Advisors
Location 414 Main St Ste 101, Port Jefferson, NY 11777, USA
Phone (631) 642-8600
Wealth Management in Port Jefferson, NY

Where Wealth Management Advisors in Port Jefferson, NY Serve

Port Jefferson, NY is a picturesque village located on the North Shore of Long Island. Its stunning waterfront, bustling downtown, and historic landmarks make it a popular destination for tourists and residents alike. The village is home to several notable landmarks, including the Port Jefferson Village Center, the Port Jefferson Free Library, and the historic Port Jefferson Village Hall. Top employers in the area include the Port Jefferson School District, Mather Hospital, and Danfords Hotel, Marina & Spa. The village is conveniently located near major highways such as Route 25A and the Long Island Expressway, making it easily accessible from surrounding areas. Port Jefferson is comprised of several distinct neighborhoods, each with its own unique charm and character. The waterfront area is home to many shops, restaurants, and bars, as well as the ferry terminal, which provides transportation to nearby Connecticut.

Services Provided by Wealth Management Companies

Banks and Credit Unions

Residents of Port Jefferson, NY can benefit from a bank in numerous ways. Firstly, a bank can provide easy access to financial services such as checking and savings accounts, loans, and credit cards. This can be particularly helpful for the community of Port Jefferson, known for its vibrant small businesses and entrepreneurial spirit. A bank can offer business loans and lines of credit to help these businesses grow and thrive. Additionally, a bank can provide financial education and resources to help residents manage their money effectively, especially in a town where the cost of living can be high. Furthermore, a bank can offer investment opportunities and retirement planning services to help residents secure their financial future. Overall, a bank can be an invaluable resource for the residents of Port Jefferson, NY, providing them with the financial tools and resources they need to succeed.

Insurance Broker

Residents of Port Jefferson, NY can benefit from the services of an insurance broker in various ways. One of the most common ways is by finding the best insurance policies that suit their unique needs. Port Jefferson is a small village located in Suffolk County, New York, and is known for its picturesque harbor and historic downtown area. Due to its location near the water, residents may require specific insurance coverage for their homes and properties to protect them from natural disasters such as floods and hurricanes. An insurance broker can help residents navigate through the complexities of insurance policies and find the best coverage options that fit their budget and specific needs. Additionally, an insurance broker can provide expert advice on the different types of insurance policies available, such as life insurance, health insurance, and auto insurance, among others. By working with an insurance broker, residents of Port Jefferson can have peace of mind knowing that they have the right insurance coverage to protect their assets and loved ones.

Retirement Planning

Residents of Port Jefferson, NY could benefit greatly from the assistance of a retirement planner. With its beautiful harbor and proximity to Stony Brook University, Port Jefferson is a popular destination for retirees. A retirement planner could help residents navigate the complexities of Social Security and Medicare, as well as provide guidance on how to maximize their retirement savings. Additionally, with the high cost of living in Long Island, a retirement planner could help residents create a budget that takes into account the specific expenses of living in Port Jefferson, such as property taxes and healthcare costs. Furthermore, a retirement planner could assist residents in creating a comprehensive estate plan that ensures their assets are distributed according to their wishes. With so many factors to consider, a retirement planner can provide valuable insight and peace of mind to residents of Port Jefferson, NY.

Financial Advisor

Residents of Port Jefferson, NY could benefit from the expertise of a financial advisor in a myriad of ways. With its proximity to the Long Island Sound, many residents may have investments in the maritime industry and require guidance on navigating the fluctuations of this market. Additionally, the high cost of living in the area may make it difficult for residents to save for retirement or invest in their children's education. A financial advisor could assist in creating a personalized financial plan to help residents reach their long-term goals. Furthermore, with Port Jefferson's historic downtown area and thriving arts community, many residents may have unique financial situations related to owning small businesses or working in creative fields. A financial advisor could provide specialized advice to help these individuals manage their finances and plan for the future. Overall, a financial advisor could be a valuable resource for the diverse and complex financial needs of Port Jefferson residents.

Mortgage Loan Officer

Residents of Port Jefferson, NY would greatly benefit from the expertise of a mortgage loan officer. With its picturesque harbor and quaint downtown area, Port Jefferson is a popular destination for tourists and a desirable location for residents. However, the cost of living in this charming village can be high, making it difficult for many to afford a home. A mortgage loan officer can help residents navigate the complex process of securing a loan, including finding the best interest rates and loan terms. Additionally, with the recent surge in home prices in the area, a mortgage loan officer can provide invaluable guidance on how to maximize the value of a home investment. Whether a resident is a first-time homebuyer or looking to refinance, a mortgage loan officer can provide personalized assistance to help them achieve their financial goals and make the dream of homeownership a reality.

Tax Services

Residents of Port Jefferson, NY can benefit greatly from the expertise of a tax advisor. With the town's proximity to the bustling city of New York, many residents may have complex tax situations, such as owning multiple properties or running a small business. A tax advisor can provide guidance on tax planning, minimizing tax liabilities, and ensuring compliance with local and federal tax laws. Additionally, with Port Jefferson's picturesque waterfront and thriving tourism industry, residents may have unique deductions related to rental properties or vacation homes. A tax advisor can help navigate these complexities and ensure that residents are taking advantage of all available tax benefits. Overall, a tax advisor can provide invaluable assistance to Port Jefferson residents in achieving financial stability and minimizing tax burdens.

Estate Planning Lawyer

Residents of Port Jefferson, NY can benefit from the services of an estate planning lawyer in numerous ways. One specific aspect that sets Port Jefferson apart is its high property values. An estate planning lawyer can help residents protect their assets and ensure that their property is distributed according to their wishes after they pass away. Additionally, estate planning lawyers can assist with drafting wills, trusts, and other legal documents that can help residents avoid probate and minimize estate taxes. They can also provide guidance on healthcare directives and powers of attorney, which can be crucial in the event of incapacitation. Overall, an estate planning lawyer can provide peace of mind and help ensure that residents' legacies are preserved for their loved ones.


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