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Lake Wylie, SC Wealth Management Firms

Edward Jones - Financial Advisor: Ryan L Brockington
Location 4937 Charlotte Hwy #116, Lake Wylie, SC 29710, USA
Phone (803) 831-5344
Location 9355 Founders St c, Fort Mill, SC 29708, USA
Phone (800) 818-0301
R.P. Boggs & Co.
SEC File# 801-113237
CRD# 134217
Location 4100 Charlotte Hwy, Lake Wylie, SC 29710, USA
Phone (803) 831-0911
K.A. Gregory Wealth Management
Location 244 Latitude Ln #105, Lake Wylie, SC 29710, USA
Phone (803) 619-5062
Wealth Management in Lake Wylie, SC

Where Wealth Management Advisors in Lake Wylie, SC Serve

Lake Wylie, SC is a picturesque town located in York County, South Carolina. This charming town is known for its stunning lake, which offers incredible recreational opportunities for residents and visitors alike. The lake is surrounded by several landmarks, including the Lake Wylie Dam, which was built in 1904 and is now listed on the National Register of Historic Places. In addition to its natural beauty, Lake Wylie is also home to several top employers, including the Clover School District, which employs over 600 people, and the Lake Wylie Chamber of Commerce, which provides support and resources to local businesses. Major highways and streets in Lake Wylie include Highway 49, which runs through the heart of the town, as well as Highway 274 and Highway 160, which provide easy access to nearby cities and towns.

Services Provided by Wealth Management Companies

Banks and Credit Unions

Residents of Lake Wylie, SC would greatly benefit from the services provided by a bank in numerous ways. Firstly, a bank can offer loans to residents who wish to invest in their businesses or homes. This is especially important for Lake Wylie, which has a thriving economy and numerous small businesses that could use financial assistance to grow and expand. Additionally, a bank can provide residents with checking and savings accounts, which can help them manage their finances and save for their future. This is particularly important for Lake Wylie, which is known for its high cost of living and expensive real estate. Furthermore, a bank can offer financial planning services, such as retirement planning and investment advice, which can help residents secure their financial futures. Overall, a bank can be an invaluable resource for residents of Lake Wylie, offering them the financial tools and resources they need to thrive in this bustling community.

Insurance Broker

Residents of Lake Wylie, SC can benefit greatly from the services of an insurance broker. With the town's proximity to the Catawba River and its location near the border of North Carolina, residents are exposed to unique risks that require specialized insurance coverage. An insurance broker can assist residents in finding the right policies to protect their homes and property from flood damage, as well as provide guidance on the best options for protecting their assets in the event of a natural disaster. Additionally, with the town's growing population and expanding business community, an insurance broker can help individuals and companies navigate the complex world of health insurance and employee benefits. By working with an insurance broker, residents of Lake Wylie can ensure that they have the coverage they need to protect their families and businesses, no matter what challenges may arise.

Retirement Planning

Residents of Lake Wylie, SC could greatly benefit from the expertise of a retirement planner. With its proximity to Charlotte, NC and access to Lake Wylie, many residents may have unique financial situations that require careful planning. A retirement planner could help residents navigate the complexities of social security, Medicare, and other retirement benefits. Additionally, with the recent growth in the area, residents may have questions about how to best prepare for retirement in the face of rising property values and potential changes in the local economy. A retirement planner could provide valuable guidance on how to maximize retirement savings, minimize taxes, and ensure a secure financial future. Overall, a retirement planner could be an invaluable resource for residents of Lake Wylie, SC looking to navigate the complexities of retirement planning in a rapidly changing environment.

Financial Advisor

Residents of Lake Wylie, SC would greatly benefit from the guidance of a financial advisor in a multitude of ways. With its proximity to Charlotte, NC, many residents may work in the city and require assistance in managing their finances and investments. Additionally, Lake Wylie is a popular destination for retirees, who may need help in planning for their retirement and ensuring they have enough saved to live comfortably. The area is also home to many small business owners, who could benefit from the expertise of a financial advisor in managing their business finances and planning for growth. Furthermore, the real estate market in Lake Wylie is booming, with new developments and waterfront properties constantly being built. A financial advisor could provide valuable insight into the best ways to invest in these properties and maximize returns. Overall, a financial advisor could help residents of Lake Wylie navigate the complexities of their finances and achieve their financial goals with confidence.

Mortgage Loan Officer

Residents of Lake Wylie, SC can greatly benefit from the expertise of a mortgage loan officer. These professionals are well-versed in the intricacies of the housing market and can help residents navigate the often-confusing world of mortgages. With Lake Wylie's rapidly growing population, a mortgage loan officer can assist in finding the best loan options available, whether it be for a first-time homebuyer or someone looking to refinance. Additionally, Lake Wylie's proximity to Charlotte, NC makes it an attractive location for those working in the city, and a mortgage loan officer can help residents understand the unique financial considerations that come with living in a border town. Overall, the guidance and support of a mortgage loan officer can be invaluable for residents of Lake Wylie, SC looking to secure their dream home.

Tax Services

Residents of Lake Wylie, SC can benefit from the expertise of a tax advisor in several ways. A tax advisor can assist residents with tax planning, ensuring that they are taking advantage of all available deductions and credits, minimizing their tax liability, and maximizing their tax refunds. They can also provide guidance on tax compliance, helping residents stay up-to-date with changing tax laws and regulations. For instance, Lake Wylie, SC residents may need to be aware of state-specific tax laws that differ from those in neighboring states. Additionally, a tax advisor can provide support during tax audits, helping residents navigate the complex and often intimidating process. With the help of a tax advisor, Lake Wylie, SC residents can rest assured that their tax affairs are in order and that they are making the most of their financial resources.

Estate Planning Lawyer

Residents of Lake Wylie, SC can benefit greatly from the services of an estate planning lawyer. One of the most common ways an estate planning lawyer can help is by creating a will that outlines the distribution of assets after death. In Lake Wylie, SC, where the population is predominantly retirees and wealthy individuals, having a comprehensive estate plan is crucial to ensure that their assets are protected and passed down to their heirs according to their wishes. An estate planning lawyer can also assist in setting up trusts, which can be particularly useful for families with children or beneficiaries with special needs. Additionally, they can help with advanced healthcare directives, which allow individuals to specify their medical wishes in case of incapacitation. With the complexities of estate planning and the unique needs of Lake Wylie, SC residents, consulting with an experienced estate planning lawyer is essential for peace of mind and protection of assets.


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