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Augenblick & Company, P.C.
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Location 4 Market Pl, New Hope, PA 18938, USA
Phone (215) 862-9153
Stanton W. Segal, CPA
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Location 515 Windmere Way, New Hope, PA 18938, USA
Phone (215) 862-4478
Talerico CPA
Location 19 Church St, Lambertville, NJ 08530, USA
Phone (609) 594-5412
Arcolesse Edward CPA
Location 32 N Main St B, Pennington, NJ 08534, USA
Phone (609) 730-4199
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Where Tax Accountants in Lambertville, NJ Serve

Lambertville, NJ is a charming town nestled in the heart of Hunterdon County. The town is known for its historic landmarks, including the Lambertville Station Inn, the Union Hotel, and the Delaware and Raritan Canal State Park. These landmarks attract visitors from all over the world, and contribute to the town's vibrant tourism industry. In addition to its tourism sector, Lambertville is home to a number of top employers, including the Hunterdon Healthcare System, the Flemington-Raritan School District, and the Hunterdon County government. These employers provide stable jobs to thousands of residents, and contribute to the town's strong economy. Lambertville is easily accessible via major highways and streets, including Route 179, Route 29, and Route 202. These roads connect the town to nearby cities like Trenton and Princeton, making it easy for residents to commute to work or explore the surrounding areas.

Financial Services Related to Tax Planning in Lambertville, NJ

Banks and Credit Unions

Residents of Lambertville, NJ can benefit from a bank in a multitude of ways. Firstly, with the town being situated along the Delaware River, a bank can provide residents with easy access to loans for purchasing boats or renovating waterfront properties. Additionally, as a popular tourist destination, a bank can offer financial services and advice to local business owners looking to expand or improve their establishments. Furthermore, with the town's rich history and numerous historic buildings, a bank can provide loans for restoration projects or offer specialized services for antique collectors and dealers. Overall, a bank in Lambertville, NJ can play a vital role in supporting the local economy and helping residents achieve their financial goals.

Insurance Broker

Residents of Lambertville, NJ can greatly benefit from the services of an insurance broker in many ways. With the city being situated on the banks of the Delaware River and surrounded by scenic hills, it is a popular tourist destination. An insurance broker can help residents protect their homes and businesses from the risks associated with tourism, such as property damage and liability claims. Additionally, Lambertville is known for its vibrant arts community, which includes numerous galleries and studios. An insurance broker can assist artists and gallery owners in obtaining specialized coverage for their unique needs, such as art insurance and business interruption insurance. With the town's historic architecture and numerous antique shops, an insurance broker can also help residents protect their valuable antiques and historic properties. In short, an insurance broker can provide tailored insurance solutions that meet the specific needs of Lambertville's diverse community.

Retirement Planning

Residents of Lambertville, NJ could benefit greatly from the expertise of a retirement planner. Specifically, with the town's high cost of living and limited job opportunities, a retirement planner could help residents navigate their financial futures with confidence. With complex tax laws and a volatile stock market, a retirement planner could provide clarity and guidance on how to best invest and save for retirement. Additionally, with the town's proximity to New York City, many residents may have unique retirement needs such as estate planning and managing assets. A retirement planner could also assist in creating a comprehensive plan for healthcare and long-term care, which is especially important given the aging population of Lambertville. Overall, a retirement planner could provide invaluable support to residents of Lambertville looking to secure their financial futures and achieve their retirement goals.

Wealth Management

Residents of Lambertville, NJ could benefit greatly from the services of a wealth manager. With its picturesque location and proximity to New York City, Lambertville is a popular destination for tourists and retirees alike. However, the cost of living in the area can be high, and many residents may struggle to manage their finances effectively. A wealth manager can help residents navigate the complex financial landscape of the area, providing guidance on everything from investment strategies to retirement planning. They can also help residents identify and prioritize their financial goals, and develop a personalized plan to achieve them. Whether it's saving for a child's education, building a retirement nest egg, or simply managing day-to-day expenses, a wealth manager can provide the expertise and support needed to achieve financial security and peace of mind.

Financial Advisor

Residents of Lambertville, NJ can benefit greatly from the guidance of a financial advisor. With its small town charm and proximity to both New York City and Philadelphia, Lambertville attracts a diverse population of individuals and families with varying financial needs. A financial advisor can help residents navigate the complexities of retirement planning, investment strategies, and estate planning. Additionally, with its thriving arts community and numerous small businesses, a financial advisor can provide guidance on how to best manage finances for those in the creative and entrepreneurial fields. In a town known for its historic architecture and scenic views of the Delaware River, a financial advisor can also provide advice on real estate investments and property management. With so much to offer, a financial advisor can help residents of Lambertville make the most of their financial resources and achieve their long-term goals.

Mortgage Loan Officer

Retirement planners can provide valuable assistance to Lambertville, NJ residents in ensuring that they have a secure and comfortable retirement. These professionals can help individuals assess their current financial situation and determine how much they need to save for retirement. They can also provide guidance on investment strategies and help individuals create a comprehensive retirement plan that takes into account their goals and risk tolerance. Retirement planners can also help individuals navigate the complex world of retirement benefits, including Social Security and Medicare, and make informed decisions about when to take these benefits. Overall, retirement planners can help Lambertville residents achieve financial security in retirement and enjoy their golden years with peace of mind.

Estate Planning Lawyer

Residents of Lambertville, NJ could benefit greatly from the services of an estate planning lawyer. With its quaint and historic downtown area, Lambertville is a popular destination for tourists and retirees alike. As such, many residents may have unique estate planning needs that require the expertise of a lawyer. For example, if a resident owns a historic property in the city, an estate planning lawyer can assist with preserving the property's historical significance and ensuring that it remains in the family for generations to come. Additionally, with the high cost of living in New Jersey, residents may need help with tax planning and asset protection to ensure that their hard-earned assets are protected and passed on to their loved ones. An estate planning lawyer can also assist with creating a comprehensive estate plan that includes wills, trusts, and powers of attorney to ensure that their wishes are carried out in the event of incapacitation or death.


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