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Top Retirement Planners in Scarsdale, NY

A. T. Becker & Associates, Inc.
5 out of 5
Location 142 Garth Road Suite TU, Scarsdale, NY 10583, USA
Phone (914) 722-1777
Precision Wealth Solutions
Location 188 Summerfield St, Scarsdale, NY 10583, USA
Phone (914) 574-5451
Fidelity Investments
5 out of 5
Location 799 Central Park Ave, Scarsdale, NY 10583, USA
Phone (800) 273-9189
Palisades Hudson Financial
1 out of 5
Location 2 Overhill Rd, Scarsdale, NY 10583, USA
Phone (914) 723-5000
Integrated Financial Education
Location 168 Bell Rd, Scarsdale, NY 10583, USA
Phone (914) 648-0492
SEC File# 801-111823
CRD# 289886
Location 2 Overhill Rd #400, Scarsdale, NY 10583, USA
Phone (646) 847-7049
Retirement Planning in Scarsdale, NY

About Scarsdale, NY for Those Planning to Retire

Scarsdale, NY is a picturesque village located in Westchester County, known for its affluent community and stunning architecture. The village is home to several notable landmarks, including the Scarsdale Train Station, which was built in 1902 and is listed on the National Register of Historic Places. Other landmarks include the Scarsdale Women's Club, the Scarsdale Congregational Church, and the Scarsdale Public Library. Top employers in Scarsdale include healthcare providers, such as White Plains Hospital and Montefiore Medical Center, as well as educational institutions like Scarsdale Public Schools and Sarah Lawrence College. Major highways and streets in the area include the Bronx River Parkway, the Hutchinson River Parkway, and Scarsdale Avenue. Neighborhoods in Scarsdale are diverse and offer a range of housing options, from sprawling estates to cozy cottages. Some of the most popular neighborhoods include Fox Meadow, Heathcote, and Quaker Ridge.

Other Financial Planning Services for Retirement

Banks and Credit Unions

Residents of Scarsdale, NY can benefit from a bank in numerous ways, such as providing financial assistance for home purchases, education, and retirement planning. Specifically, Scarsdale is known for its affluent community and high property values, making it a prime location for real estate investments. A bank can offer mortgage loans with competitive interest rates, tailored to the unique needs of Scarsdale residents. Additionally, Scarsdale has a highly educated population, with many families prioritizing education for their children. A bank can provide student loans and college savings plans to help families achieve their educational goals. Finally, with an aging population, retirement planning is crucial for Scarsdale residents. A bank can offer retirement savings accounts and investment options to help residents secure their financial future. Overall, a bank can provide invaluable support and guidance to the residents of Scarsdale, NY.

Insurance Broker

Residents of Scarsdale, NY can greatly benefit from the services offered by an insurance broker. With its high cost of living, Scarsdale residents need to ensure they have adequate insurance coverage for their homes, cars, and personal property. An insurance broker can assist in finding the best policies to suit their specific needs and budget. Additionally, Scarsdale is known for its affluent population, which may require more specialized insurance coverage such as high-value home insurance or personal liability insurance. An insurance broker can navigate the complexities of these policies and ensure that residents have the coverage they need. Furthermore, Scarsdale is located in Westchester County, which has unique insurance requirements and regulations that an insurance broker can help residents navigate. Overall, an insurance broker can provide invaluable assistance to Scarsdale residents in securing the appropriate insurance coverage for their lifestyle and location.

Wealth Management

Residents of Scarsdale, NY, a wealthy suburb located just north of New York City, can benefit greatly from the services of a wealth manager. With the median household income in Scarsdale being $250,000, it is imperative that individuals seek out professional guidance to manage their wealth effectively. A wealth manager can assist with a variety of financial needs, such as investment planning, tax optimization, and retirement planning. Additionally, given the high cost of living in Scarsdale, a wealth manager can help residents navigate the complexities of the local real estate market and provide insight into the best investment opportunities in the area. With the added complexity of managing wealth in a high-income area, residents of Scarsdale can greatly benefit from the expertise and guidance of a skilled wealth manager.

Financial Advisor

Residents of Scarsdale, NY, a wealthy and affluent community, would benefit from the guidance of a financial advisor in a multitude of ways. With high property values and a competitive job market, individuals may require assistance with managing their finances and investments. A financial advisor can provide expert advice on wealth management, retirement planning, and tax strategies to help individuals reach their financial goals. Additionally, Scarsdale residents may need guidance on estate planning and charitable giving, given the community's philanthropic nature. Furthermore, with the rising cost of living in the area, a financial advisor can help individuals navigate the complexities of budgeting and saving, while also providing insight into investment opportunities that align with their financial objectives. Overall, a financial advisor can offer valuable support to Scarsdale residents in achieving financial security and success in a highly competitive environment.

Mortgage Loan Officer

Residents of Scarsdale, NY can benefit from a mortgage loan officer in several ways. One of the most common ways would be to assist them in securing a mortgage loan for their dream home. Scarsdale is known for its affluent community, where the median household income is $250,000. Therefore, it is crucial for residents to have access to a mortgage loan officer who can provide them with the best mortgage options that fit their financial situation. A mortgage loan officer can also help residents to navigate the complex and ever-changing mortgage industry, ensuring that they are aware of all the available options and can make informed decisions. Additionally, a mortgage loan officer can help residents to understand the mortgage application process, including the necessary documentation and requirements. Overall, a mortgage loan officer can be a valuable resource for residents of Scarsdale, NY, looking to purchase a home in this competitive market.

Tax Services

Residents of Scarsdale, NY can benefit from the services of a tax advisor in numerous ways. For example, a tax advisor can help Scarsdale residents navigate the complex tax laws that govern the state of New York and the federal government. Specifically, Scarsdale residents may require assistance with understanding how to properly report income from their various sources, including rental properties and investments. Additionally, a tax advisor can help Scarsdale residents take advantage of tax deductions and credits that are available to them, such as deductions for charitable donations and credits for energy-efficient home improvements. With the help of a tax advisor, Scarsdale residents can ensure that they are complying with all tax laws and regulations while also minimizing their tax liability.

Estate Planning Lawyer

Residents of Scarsdale, NY can greatly benefit from the services of an estate planning lawyer. With a median home value of over $1 million, many Scarsdale residents have substantial assets that require careful planning to ensure they are protected and distributed according to their wishes. An estate planning lawyer can help these residents create wills, trusts, and other legal documents that outline their wishes for their assets and ensure that their families are taken care of after they pass away. Additionally, with Scarsdale's high cost of living, estate planning lawyers can help residents minimize the tax burden on their assets and ensure that their beneficiaries receive the maximum inheritance possible. In short, an estate planning lawyer can provide invaluable assistance to Scarsdale residents looking to protect and preserve their wealth for future generations.


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