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Jeff Donohue - WesBanco Mortgage Lending Officer
Location 4201 Mitchellville Rd STE 200, Bowie, MD 20716, USA
Phone (240) 508-2737
U.S. Bank-Emmanuel Ockiya-Mortgage Loan Officer
Location U.S. Bank Area Served, Fort Washington, MD 20744, USA
Phone (202) 261-0789
Residential Mortgage Corporation
5 out of 5
Location 9701 Apollo Dr, Upper Marlboro, MD 20774, USA
Phone (301) 773-9811
Haley Hoyt - First Home Mortgage
5 out of 5
Location 2810 Laurian Ln Suite 100, Dunkirk, MD 20754, USA
Phone (301) 327-5802
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Prince George's County, MD is located in the Washington, DC metropolitan area. It is the second most populous county in Maryland after Montgomery County. The county seat is Upper Marlboro. Some of the major landmarks in Prince George's County include FedEx Field, Six Flags America, and Greenbelt Park. The top employers in the county are the federal government, Walmart, and Target. Major highways and streets in the county include I-495, US-50, and MD-4. Some of the neighborhoods in Prince George's County include Bowie, Cheverly, Clinton, Fort Washington, Laurel, and Riverdale.

Financial Services Related to Getting Approved for a Mortgage

Banks and Credit Unions

Prince George's County, MD is home to many banks and credit unions. While there are benefits to using either type of institution, each offers different perks that can be advantageous for county residents.Banks offer a wide variety of products and services, including personal and commercial checking and savings accounts, certificates of deposit (CDs), individual retirement accounts (IRAs), and loans. In addition, they provide customers with debit cards and ATM access. Many banks also have online banking capabilities that allow account holders to check their balances, make transfers, and pay bills from anywhere in the world. Banks typically have several branches located throughout a city or town, making it easy for customers to conduct transactions close to home. Credit unions are not-for-profit organizations that are owned by their members. This means that credit union members are also its owners and shareholders. Credit unions offer most of the same products as banks but at lower interest rates because they're not trying to make a profit on the loans they issue. In addition, credit unions often give their members discounts on various goods and services offered by businesses who partner with them.

Estate Planning Lawyer

Living in Prince George's County, MD comes with a lot of benefits, including close proximity to Washington D.C. and excellent schools. However, one thing that many residents don't think about is estate planning. Estate planning is the process of organizing your finances and property in order to make things easier for your loved ones after you die. This includes creating a will, setting up trusts, and designating power of attorney. If you're not sure where to start, it's best to work with an estate planning lawyer who can help you create a plan that meets your specific needs.

Retirement Planning

Prince George's County, MD is a great place to retire. The cost of living is lower than in other areas of the country, and there are plenty of activities and amenities to keep you busy. However, it's important to plan ahead for retirement, and there are a few things you should keep in mind.One thing to consider is how you will pay for healthcare costs. Medicare doesn't cover everything, so you may need to find other ways to pay for health care. Another thing to think about is how you will get around town. Many retirees find that they no longer need a car once they stop working, but if you do need one, be sure to factor the cost into your retirement budget. Finally, make sure you have enough saved up to cover your living expenses. Prince George's County is a great place to live, but it can be expensive, so it's important to have a solid financial plan in place.

Wealth Management

Living in Prince George's County, MD comes with a lot of benefits. The county is home to a number of businesses and cultural attractions, and it's also conveniently located close to Washington, D.C. If you're looking for ways to make the most of living in this vibrant community, working with a wealth manager could be the perfect solution.A wealth manager can help you take advantage of all that Prince George's County has to offer. They can connect you with local businesses, recommend financial planning strategies that fit your needs, and help you stay on top of your investments. In addition, they can provide valuable insight into how changes in the economy or politics could impact your finances.If you're ready to take your life in Prince George's County to the next level, working with a wealth manager is a great way to get started.

Financial Advisor

Prince George's County, MD is a great place to live, with plenty of job opportunities and a diverse community. However, it can be tough to manage your money on your own, especially if you don't have much experience with finances. A financial advisor can help you save money and plan for the future. They can help you create a budget, invest in stocks or mutual funds, and prepare for retirement. If you're living in Prince George's County, MD, it's definitely worth considering working with a financial advisor.

Insurance Broker

Prince George's County, MD is a great place to live, with plenty of opportunities for its residents. However, one important thing that's missing from the county is an insurance broker. A good insurance broker can help residents get the best rates on their car insurance, home insurance, and health insurance. An insurance broker can also help residents file claims and navigate the complex world of insurance. So if you're a resident of Prince George's County, MD, it's a good idea to work with an insurance broker who can help you save money on your premiums and make sure you have the coverage you need.

Tax Services

Living in Prince George's County, MD comes with a lot of benefits, including great schools, plenty of job opportunities, and a close-knit community. However, one thing that can be tricky about living in this county is dealing with taxes. That's where a tax accountant comes in - they can help you understand your tax situation and make sure you're taking advantage of all the deductions you're entitled to.


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