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Top Bloomfield Hills, MI Mortgage Brokerages

Motto Mortgage Direct
5 out of 5
Location 4190 Telegraph Rd #3300, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48302, USA
Phone (248) 410-5272
St James Mortgage Corporation
5 out of 5
Location 42676 Woodward Ave, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304, USA
Phone (800) 837-7005
Diane Golusin - Citizens, Home Mortgage
Location 795 E Maple Rd, Birmingham, MI 48009, USA
Phone (248) 891-8936
Lynn Wang Financial
Location Walnut Lake Rd, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48301, USA
Phone (248) 946-9563
U.S. Bank-Ted Edginton-Mortgage Loan Officer
5 out of 5
Location 41000 Woodward Ave Suite 350, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48304, USA
Phone (248) 991-9390
Signature Funding Group Inc
Location PO Box 100, Bloomfield Hills, MI 48303, USA
Phone (248) 952-1500
SEC File# 801-17960
CRD# 110267
Location 43252 Woodward Ave suite #202, Bloomfield Twp, MI 48302, USA
Phone (248) 282-0903
Range Lending, LLC
5 out of 5
Location 67 S Squirrel Rd, Auburn Hills, MI 48326, USA
Phone (586) 884-4556
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Where Mortgage Lenders in Bloomfield Hills, MI Serve

Bloomfield Hills, MI is a picturesque city located in Oakland County. This affluent area is home to several notable landmarks, including the Cranbrook Educational Community, a sprawling campus that encompasses an art museum, a science center, and a prestigious private school. Other notable landmarks include the Kirk in the Hills Presbyterian Church, a stunning example of Gothic architecture, and the Bloomfield Hills Country Club, a popular spot for golf enthusiasts. In terms of top employers, Bloomfield Hills is home to a number of successful businesses, including PulteGroup, a leading homebuilding company, and Taubman Centers, a real estate investment trust that owns and operates shopping centers across the country. Major highways that run through Bloomfield Hills include I-75 and M-59, providing easy access to nearby cities like Detroit and Pontiac. The city is divided into several distinct neighborhoods, each with its own unique character and charm.

Financial Services Related to Getting Approved for a Mortgage

Banks and Credit Unions

Residents of Bloomfield Hills, MI would be helped by a bank in several ways, such as providing various financial services and products. Bloomfield Hills is a city with a high standard of living, and the residents are often affluent. Hence, they may require more specialized financial services, such as wealth management, investment advice, and mortgage loans. A bank can help them with these services and provide them with tailored solutions to meet their financial needs. Additionally, banks in Bloomfield Hills, MI, can offer convenient banking options, such as online and mobile banking, to make banking more accessible and efficient for the residents. Overall, a bank can play a crucial role in assisting the residents of Bloomfield Hills, MI, in managing their finances effectively.

Insurance Broker

Residents of Bloomfield Hills, MI can benefit from the services of an insurance broker in several ways. One of the most common ways is by helping them find the best insurance coverage for their specific needs. With so many insurance options available in Bloomfield Hills, MI, it can be overwhelming for residents to choose the right one. An insurance broker can help residents navigate through the various insurance policies and select the one that offers the best coverage at the most affordable price. For example, Bloomfield Hills, MI is known for its high-end homes and affluent residents, so an insurance broker can help these homeowners find the right coverage for their valuable properties. Additionally, an insurance broker can assist residents in filing claims and resolving any issues that may arise with their insurance policies. Overall, an insurance broker can provide valuable support and guidance to residents of Bloomfield Hills, MI in all their insurance needs.

Retirement Planning

Residents of Bloomfield Hills, MI could benefit greatly from the guidance of a retirement planner. With its reputation as one of the wealthiest communities in the state, Bloomfield Hills presents unique challenges when it comes to retirement planning. A retirement planner can help residents navigate the complexities of managing large estates and ensuring that their wealth is protected for future generations. Furthermore, a retirement planner can provide tailored advice on how to maximize Social Security benefits, minimize taxes, and create a comprehensive plan for long-term care. With so much at stake, it's no wonder that Bloomfield Hills residents are turning to retirement planners for help.

Wealth Management

Residents of Bloomfield Hills, MI could greatly benefit from the expertise of a wealth manager. With a median household income of over $170,000, Bloomfield Hills is one of the wealthiest cities in Michigan. However, managing significant wealth can be a complex and daunting task. A skilled wealth manager can help residents navigate the intricacies of investment strategies, tax planning, and estate planning. Additionally, with Bloomfield Hills being home to many successful entrepreneurs and business owners, a wealth manager can provide valuable guidance on business succession planning and risk management. The expertise of a wealth manager can also be particularly useful for those looking to support charitable causes, as they can help individuals and families develop philanthropic strategies that align with their values and maximize their impact. Overall, a wealth manager can provide tailored and comprehensive financial advice to help Bloomfield Hills residents achieve their long-term financial goals.

Financial Advisor

Residents of Bloomfield Hills, MI can benefit greatly from the guidance of a financial advisor. With a median household income of $170,000, the community is known for its high standard of living and affluent lifestyle. However, managing wealth can be a complex and overwhelming task, especially for those who are unfamiliar with financial planning. A financial advisor can help residents of Bloomfield Hills navigate their financial goals, whether it's planning for retirement, saving for college, or investing in real estate. Additionally, with the recent economic uncertainty caused by the COVID-19 pandemic, a financial advisor can provide valuable insight and advice on how to protect and grow their wealth during these challenging times. By working with a financial advisor, residents of Bloomfield Hills can feel confident and secure in their financial future.

Tax Services

Residents of Bloomfield Hills, MI could greatly benefit from the services of a tax advisor. With a median household income of over $170,000, many residents are subject to high tax rates and complex tax laws. A tax advisor could help individuals navigate these laws and identify potential deductions or credits that could lower their tax burden. Additionally, with many residents owning multiple properties or businesses, a tax advisor could assist with tax planning and strategies to minimize tax liability. The advisor could also provide guidance on estate planning and gift tax laws, which are particularly important in a city with a high concentration of wealth. Overall, a tax advisor could provide invaluable assistance to Bloomfield Hills residents in managing their complex tax situations and maximizing their financial well-being.

Estate Planning Lawyer

Residents of Bloomfield Hills, MI can benefit greatly from the services of an estate planning lawyer. With a high median household income and a significant number of affluent residents, many individuals in Bloomfield Hills have complex financial situations that require careful estate planning. An estate planning lawyer can help residents create wills, trusts, and other legal documents to ensure that their assets are distributed according to their wishes and that their loved ones are taken care of after their passing. Additionally, an estate planning lawyer can assist with tax planning and help residents minimize taxes on their estates. With its wealthy population and unique legal requirements, Bloomfield Hills is an ideal location for an experienced estate planning lawyer to provide valuable assistance to residents.


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