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Updated on March 21, 2023

Raj Khera | Founder of


Success leaves clues.

Finances Strategists sat down with Raj Khera, founder of He shared his thoughts on the past, present, and future of the company, as well as the insight he gained from running the business.

Who is Raj Khera?

Q. Who are you and what’s your background?

I'm a 3-time CEO/CMO of B2B SaaS companies. I'm an electrical engineer by training, but after 8 years as an engineer, I got the itch to start my own business. I co-founded and grew GovCon to be the largest portal for federal government contracting opportunities and sold it to a public company. I then co-founded MailerMailer, an email software company, which had a successful exit in 2017 to another public company. After that, I worked as the CMO with another company, WealthEngine, which was acquired in late 2020. I now serve as a Growth Advisor and Board Member to several organizations while running, a site to help small business owners market and scale their businesses.

Q. Who has been your biggest influence, and why did they have such a significant effect on you?

My biggest business influence is my mentor and friend, Barry Friedman. I met him when I was in my mid-20s after applying to a local mentor/mentee program. Barry ran a successful accounting company and took me on as my mentor. He taught me how to build a business and a year after meeting we started GovCon together. That was over 25 years ago and we still meet regularly to learn from each other. Everyone should get a mentor. It can change your life for the better.

Q. Knowing what you know now, what would you have told yourself when you were just starting out?

Don't be afraid to invest money into products, services, and people that can scale your ability to replicate what you do. Investing your own money may be uncomfortable at first, but you must look at it as an investment, not an expense. A line I share as I advise businesses is "If you're doing the work of an assistant, you are the assistant." The only way to grow is to make sure you're not doing everything yourself. The question you should ask yourself each day is "What is the best use of my time today?" There are things only you can do. Focus on those and outsource the rest.


Q. What is provides sample business plans, a marketing plan example, press release templates, a search engine optimization guide, and many "how to" articles to help small businesses market their products and services. We will soon be introducing online marketing courses that encapsulate proven techniques to help companies get more business fast.

Q. What makes stand out from its competitors?

Rather than simply publishing articles about what to do, we provide actual templates that are free to download and use. It's always easier to edit something than to write it from scratch. Our templates provide the examples that help business owners crystallize their vision and next steps. It makes the process of marketing significantly easier. We want to empower entrepreneurs with the knowledge and skills to help take their company to the next level.

Q. What led you to start

I've been very fortunate to have had multiple successes in business and want to give back to help others learn the skills to grow their companies. My personal goal is to help 250 entrepreneurs become multi-millionaires within 5 years of starting their businesses. I started to help teach the marketing and leadership skills that entrepreneurs need to thrive.

Q. What has the experience of building/growing the business taught you?

While there are many paths to success, there is one common denominator: growth mindset. If one lives with the thought that the resources they have available are scarce, then the decisions they make revolve around conserving those resources. They don't invest in solutions or people when they should. As a result, they do not grow nor do they create a business asset that is an attractive acquisition candidate to a buyer.

On the other hand, those with a growth mindset see the world very differently. They look at the resources they have and find ways to multiply what they can do. They become scrappy and as a result are able to attract more wealth into their lives, simply because they made the mental decision to grow and not view their resources as scarce. The growth mindset allows you to build companies that investors want to invest in and larger entities want to buy.

Q. Where do you see things headed for you in the next 5 years? Other future projects, the future for, family, retirement, etc.

Retirement... it's not for me. After selling my last company in 2017, I tried to take time off. That lasted two months before I felt unproductive. I love sharing what I've learned to help others so I foresee building for many years to come. I'll soon be adding online courses to help entrepreneurs quickly learn what they need to know to build their businesses and continue adding value to the thousands of aspiring business owners who download our free templates every month.

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