Interview with Ruth Even Haim | Co-Founder of ReConvert

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Updated on March 21, 2023

Ruth Even Haim | Co-Founder of ReConvert


Success leaves clues.

Finance Strategists sat down with Ruth Even Haim, co-founder of ReConvert. She shared her thoughts on the past, present, and future of the company, as well as the insights she has gained from running the business.

Who is Ruth Even Haim?

Q: Who are you and what’s your background?

My name is Ruth Even Haim. I’m the co-founder of ReConvert - which today is the number one upselling solution for merchants on the Shopify platform.But I wasn’t always a SaaS founder! I started my working life in IT serving in the Israeli Defense Forces as an officer. Eventually, I grew tired of that and served for a year as a manager of teams and products at Ewave. During this time, I became interested in launching my own business - I’d run multiple semi-successful eCommerce stores on the Shopify platform.So, I decided to combine my knowledge of Shopify from a merchants perspective, with my project management skills to build a micro-SaaS project. My brother and I built and scaled ReConvert with zero coding knowledge. Today it generates over $100k in revenue every month.

Q: Who has been your biggest influence, and why did they have such a significant effect on you?

The biggest influence has been my brother Ariyeh. When we launched ReConvert, we had hardly any money to our names. We moved back in with our parents in our mid/late twenties.

Without each other, I don’t think either one of us would have had the perseverance to stick through the process of launching and scaling our business. It would have been so much easier to stay in a safe job and collect the paycheck at the end of each month.

Q: Knowing what you know now, what advice would you give your younger self?

That you don’t have to be some kind of superhero to build a successful business.You don’t need a fancy education. You don’t need huge reserves of cash. You don’t need to get up at 5 am and meditate for an hour before taking a cold shower. You don’t need to abandon all pleasures in the pursuit of success.

I think we’re bombarded with ‘hustle porn’ everywhere we look these days. Sure, building a business is hard. But you don’t have to subscribe to this image of a ‘superhuman entrepreneur’.

Building a business takes time and creativity. If you can sustain your work/life routine indefinitely, and have fun along the way, then you’ll massively boost your chances of success.


Q: What is ReConvert?

ReConvert is the leading cross-selling and upselling solution for Shopify stores. It’s a plugin for eCommerce stores that empowers merchants to offer product recommendations, custom thank you pages and more.In a nutshell, you know when you go to Amazon to buy a book and then all of a sudden you have 4 books and a blender and an electric hammer in your cart? Yup, ReConvert helps merchants using shopify to sell more in a similar way.

Q: What makes ReConvert different from its competitors?

We’re the only app that allows you to create a full upselling customer journey.You can offer customers personalized products pre-purchase, immediately post-purchase, and also on the thank you page.The result is that our users typically see a boost of overall revenue between 5-15%. In today’s competitive eCommerce environment, such a boost can literally transform your business and skyrocket profits.Other than that, nobody else comes close to our customer support. ReConvert has over 3000+ 5-star reviews from users, with the next closest competitor having less than 300 reviews.

Q: What led you to start ReConvert?

I had always known I wanted to start a business but wasn’t completely clear what shape it would take. After my experience with running an eCommerce store, my brother and I saw the opportunity to create a much-needed functionality to the Shopify platform.

Q: What has the experience of building the business taught you?

That the most important step for any entrepreneur is to start. I know it sounds cliche, but the best lesson I’ve learned is this: motivation follows effort.Most people have a workable business idea. But they sit around waiting for motivation to show up. But in reality, motivation starts to flow when you start. Once you start making progress, even if it’s tiny, you’ll start to get excited about it, which makes further progress easy.Just start today. Don't wait. Seriously, work on your idea for just five minutes. Then watch your motivation start to build and soon enough, the ball will be rolling on its own.

Q: Where do you see things headed for you and the company in the next five years?

Over the next five years, we see us growing ReConvert into the absolute best product that it can be. We’re always developing new features to help merchants make more money, with less effort. Our goal is to build products that make launching and scaling your eCommerce business easier.Aside from ReConvert, we also have plans to build more apps, but we’ll have to keep these projects under wraps for now! And we’ve also just launched an educational wing to our company called ‘Ruth & Eric’ that we want to use to teach up and coming SaaS founders everything we know about building a business!

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