Interview with Ahmed Sobhy | Founder of Rottweiler Life

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Updated on March 22, 2023

Ahmed Sobhy | Founder of Rottweiler Life


Success leaves clues.

Finance Strategists sat down with Ahmed Sobhy, founder of Rottweiler Life. He explains how he took a key component of his life, his passion for rottweilers, and turned it into a successful brand. Now, he runs a website, magazine, Instagram account, and more, and has published an entire book on the subject of the misunderstood breed.

Who is Ahmed Sobhy?

We are all familiar with the saying, “follow your dreams.” In fact, it has been repeated so many times by so many people that it has become a tired saying. It has turned from a line that should inspire us into a cliche in movies and songs. That’s the point. We see people following their dreams and making it a success only in movies. Very rarely does it happen in reality. Well, we are going to tell you about Ahmed Sobhy and his success story. This might just ignite the passion in you.

Ahmed Sobhy is very much an individual in the world. He’s a dog lover; something that most of us can relate to. The trait might be common, but Sobhy has turned it into a not-so-common and very successful business. Now, this is the kind of success story we need!

The one key factor to Sobhy’s success is his undying passion and constant side-work to make his dream a reality. One thing he was sure of since he was 8 years old is that he loved dogs. Well into his adult life, he found himself parenting a rottweiler. It came as a surprise and always irked him that Rottweilers had gained an undeserved negative perception in people’s minds. This was unacceptable to Sobhy, and so, he decided to change things.

Ahmed Sobhy’s Entrepreneurial Journey Begins

Ahmed Sobhy is a young serial entrepreneur from Egypt. He graduated from the Arab Academy for Science, Technology & Maritime Transport Department of Computer Engineering. Besides his job in cybersecurity, he decided that his dreams were worth fighting for. And he knew that a successful career needed his undivided attention.

Without wasting any time, he created a Facebook fan page for Rottweilers. And as is expected, there are always moments of doubt when someone takes out a venture such as this. Sobhy was not sure how his passion and vision would be received by the crowd. Soon enough, he was elated to find out that he had gained a huge following of 200k over a period of just 3 weeks! He also created a page on Instagram, which now has over 603,000 followers.

Generating such a huge following is no joke, especially when there’s already no shortage of pages dedicated to our paw pals. This success didn’t just come to Sobhy, he worked hard for it. From maintaining the page to creating entertaining and educational posts, he did it all. And his tireless efforts showed results soon enough. He witnessed his growing number of loyal followers and took note of what they needed.

Lo and behold; his social media pages transformed into an exceptional website called Rottweiler Life. This website soon became a boon for all Rottweiler owners. The specific needs of rottweilers are not widely discussed in the media. Since every dog breed is different, their needs vary from each other. And this is what Rottweiler Life delivers; it is a one-stop site that guides rottweiler owners on how to take care of their four-pawed baby.

Rottweiler Life understands that it is all about nurturing and shaping your rottweiler into your ideal companion. It also has articles on how rottweilers as a breed are different from other dogs. Most importantly, it shows a different side of rottweilers than the media does. Oftentimes, the media shows rottweilers as aggressive and violent. Ahmed Sobhy’s website breaks stereotypes by showing a compassionate and softer side to the breed. On top of all that, the website features many video clips that are sure to bring a smile to your face. The success of the website rests on the fact that it has a strong following of over 1.4 million loyal people. Back in 2014, it also received an award for the Best Rottweiler website.

When we say success takes constant work, we mean it. Some people would have stopped after all that success, but not Sobhy. He even introduced a Rottweiler Life monthly magazine. The purpose of the magazine is to reach out to a greater crowd and spread awareness about the positive features of rottweilers. The magazine features exclusive content that, if you are a dog lover, you will surely enjoy. The website’s popularity is infectious, and it has definitely rubbed on to the magazine as well. It has over 500k subscribers as of now, and it’s only growing. Rottweiler Life monthly magazine brings educational content made attractive. Together, the website and the magazine contain all the information about rottweilers that you could ever need and then some!

Given the encouraging love and support Sobhy’s website got, it was clear that people craved more. So, he published a well-researched book on the breed with the name Rottweiler Life. The book reveals information that many people are missing about rottweilers. From the history and origin of the breed, training tricks, breeding process, to where you can buy rottweilers if you are interested. The book boasts the title of US Bestseller.

Now, the website has taken yet another transformation. It is now a full-fledged LLC Media Company and operates from Florida, USA.

Ahmed Sobhy is also a co-founder of Rott Mart, a website that sells all products that your Rottweiler might need.

Business Venture Continues

The secret to success is hard work and passion. And both the ingredients are within Sobhy. He expanded his enterprise with yet another company called Wow Things Media Company. The company helps clients with everything related to digital marketing. From website and app development, managing social media, creating rich SEO content, to overall assistance.

Other than these business ventures, Sobhy has also created calendars that feature dogs. Not only that, he and his company are also actively helping animal rescue shelters and organizations. This is what passion brings. It’s a source of power that keeps on giving.

Ahmed Sobhy’s efforts have not only proved profitable for him, but also for his loyal and ever-expanding followers. The love and support continue to pour in. It only goes to show that hard work and perseverance are recognized and appreciated by everyone.

Ahmed Sobhy is an exemplar in turning passion into a successful career. With his ever-strong passion, it looks like he has even greater heights to reach.

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