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Mugg Winston
4 out of 5
Location 1008 S Bryant Ave #100, Edmond, OK 73034, USA
Phone (405) 705-2900
Neelam A. Patel, PC
5 out of 5
Location 1025 SW 4th St Suite 201, Oklahoma City, OK 73160, USA
Phone (405) 528-2222
Lewis & McCullough, PLLC
5 out of 5
Location 4001 N Classen Blvd Suite 110, Oklahoma City, OK 73118, USA
Phone (405) 283-2393
Estate Planning Lawyers in Oklahoma County, OK

Where Estate Planners in Oklahoma County, OK Serve

Oklahoma County, OK is a bustling hub of activity, with a rich history and diverse population. From its iconic landmarks to its top employers, there is never a dull moment in this vibrant community. One of the most recognizable landmarks in Oklahoma County is the Oklahoma City National Memorial & Museum, which honors the victims of the 1995 bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building. Other notable landmarks include the Oklahoma State Capitol, the Myriad Botanical Gardens, and the Chesapeake Energy Arena. As for top employers, Oklahoma County boasts a range of industries, from healthcare to energy to aerospace. Some of the largest employers in the area include Tinker Air Force Base, OU Medicine, Devon Energy, and Chesapeake Energy. When it comes to transportation, Oklahoma County is crisscrossed by several major highways and streets, including I-35, I-40, and I-44.

Financial Services Related to Estate Planning in Oklahoma County, OK

Banks and Credit Unions

Residents of Oklahoma County, OK would be helped by a bank in several ways. Firstly, a bank can provide financial education and resources to help residents manage their money effectively. With a poverty rate of 14.9%, many residents in Oklahoma County may benefit from financial literacy programs to help them make informed decisions about their finances. Additionally, a bank can offer loans and credit to help residents start small businesses or invest in their education. With a growing economy and a median household income of $62,426, many residents in Oklahoma County may be looking for ways to grow their wealth and a bank can provide the necessary resources to help them achieve their financial goals. Finally, a bank can offer convenient and secure banking services such as online banking, mobile banking, and ATM access to help residents manage their finances on-the-go. Overall, a bank can play a crucial role in helping residents of Oklahoma County, OK achieve financial stability and success.

Insurance Broker

Residents of Oklahoma County, OK can benefit greatly from the services of an insurance broker. With Oklahoma County being located in the heart of Tornado Alley, homeowners insurance is a must-have for protection against tornado damage. An insurance broker can help residents find the best coverage for their homes, taking into account the specific risks associated with living in Oklahoma County. Additionally, with a high incidence of car accidents in the area, an insurance broker can help residents find affordable and comprehensive auto insurance policies. With the help of an insurance broker, residents of Oklahoma County can have peace of mind knowing that they are protected against the unique risks of living in the area.

Retirement Planning

Residents of Oklahoma County, OK could benefit greatly from the services of a retirement planner. With a population of over 800,000 people, Oklahoma County is home to a diverse group of individuals with varying financial situations and retirement goals. A retirement planner can help guide residents through the complex world of retirement planning, offering advice on everything from investment strategies to Social Security benefits. Additionally, with Oklahoma County being home to several large corporations, many residents may have access to company-sponsored retirement plans that require careful management and planning. A retirement planner can help ensure that these plans are being utilized to their fullest potential, maximizing retirement savings and minimizing tax liabilities. Overall, a retirement planner can provide invaluable assistance to Oklahoma County residents looking to secure a comfortable and financially stable retirement.

Wealth Management

Residents of Oklahoma County, OK could greatly benefit from the services of a wealth manager. With a median household income of $57,000 and a poverty rate of 14.6%, many families in the county could use guidance in managing their finances and investments. A wealth manager could help residents create a long-term financial plan, invest in a diversified portfolio, and make informed decisions about retirement savings. Additionally, with Oklahoma City being a hub for the oil and gas industry, a wealth manager could provide specialized expertise in managing wealth from these industries. Overall, a wealth manager could provide invaluable support to residents of Oklahoma County in achieving their financial goals and securing their financial future.

Financial Advisor

Residents of Oklahoma County, OK can benefit from the expertise of a financial advisor in a variety of ways. One specific area where a financial advisor can be particularly helpful is in navigating the unique tax laws and regulations of Oklahoma. With a state income tax rate that ranges from 0.5% to 5%, plus additional local sales taxes, property taxes, and excise taxes, it can be challenging for Oklahoma County residents to understand how to best manage their finances and minimize their tax burden. A financial advisor can provide valuable guidance on tax planning strategies, as well as help residents create and stick to a budget, invest for the future, and plan for major life events like retirement or the purchase of a home.

Mortgage Loan Officer

Residents of Oklahoma County, OK could benefit from the expertise of a mortgage loan officer in a variety of ways. For example, a loan officer could help residents navigate the unique real estate market in Oklahoma County, which has seen a surge in demand in recent years. They could also assist with finding the right mortgage program for each individual's financial situation, whether it be a conventional loan or a government-backed program. With their knowledge of the local housing market and lending options, a mortgage loan officer could help residents secure the financing they need to purchase their dream home or refinance their current mortgage for a better rate. Overall, a mortgage loan officer can provide valuable guidance and support to residents of Oklahoma County looking to make a major investment in their future.

Tax Services

Residents of Oklahoma County, OK can benefit greatly from the expertise of a tax advisor in a number of ways. One of the most common ways is through assistance with tax preparation and filing. With the complex tax laws and regulations in Oklahoma, a tax advisor can help ensure that residents are taking advantage of all available deductions and credits, while also avoiding any potential penalties or audits. Additionally, tax advisors can provide guidance on tax planning strategies, such as retirement planning and estate planning, to help residents minimize their tax liability over the long term. In Oklahoma County, where the median household income is $61,000 and the poverty rate is 14.6%, the assistance of a tax advisor can be particularly valuable for those who may be struggling to make ends meet or looking to maximize their financial resources.


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