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Easley Law Firm
2 out of 5
Location 215 9th St S North, Columbus, MS 39701, USA
Phone (662) 327-1000
J. Douglas Dalrymple Law Office
5 out of 5
Location 508 2nd Ave N, Columbus, MS 39701, USA
Phone (662) 327-3340
Dunn & Hemphill, PA
5 out of 5
Location 214 5th St S, Columbus, MS 39701, USA
Phone (662) 327-4211
Estate Planning Lawyers in Columbus, MS

Where Estate Planners in Columbus, MS Serve

Columbus, MS is a vibrant city in Lowndes County, Mississippi that boasts a rich history and a thriving economy. The city is home to several notable landmarks, including the Tennessee Williams Home and Welcome Center, the Columbus Air Force Base, and the Columbus Riverwalk. Top employers in the area include the Columbus Municipal School District, Baptist Memorial Hospital-Golden Triangle, and PACCAR Engine Company. These companies provide ample job opportunities for residents and contribute to the city's economic growth. Major highways and streets in Columbus include Highway 45, Highway 82, and Main Street. These thoroughfares connect the city to other parts of Mississippi and provide easy access to major cities like Memphis, TN and Birmingham, AL. Columbus is divided into several distinct neighborhoods, each with its own unique character and charm. These neighborhoods include Northside, Southside, and East Columbus.

Financial Services Related to Estate Planning in Columbus, MS

Banks and Credit Unions

Residents of Columbus, MS would be helped by a bank in several ways. Firstly, banks in Columbus, MS provide easy access to financial services such as checking and savings accounts, loans, and credit cards. This is particularly beneficial for residents who are looking to start a business or purchase a home. Additionally, banks in Columbus, MS offer financial education programs that can help residents learn how to manage their money more effectively. This can be especially helpful for those who are struggling to make ends meet or are looking to improve their credit score. Another way that banks in Columbus, MS can help residents is by providing access to ATMs and online banking services, which can make banking more convenient and accessible for those who are unable to visit a physical branch. Overall, banks in Columbus, MS play an important role in helping residents achieve their financial goals and improve their quality of life.

Insurance Broker

Residents of Columbus, MS could greatly benefit from the services of an insurance broker. With the high risk of severe weather in the area, such as tornadoes and hurricanes, homeowners and renters alike need to ensure that their properties are properly insured. An insurance broker can help residents navigate the complexities of insurance policies and find the best coverage for their specific needs and budget. Additionally, with a significant portion of the population employed in manufacturing and healthcare industries, an insurance broker can assist with finding affordable and comprehensive health insurance plans. Overall, an insurance broker can provide valuable assistance to residents of Columbus, MS in protecting their assets and ensuring peace of mind.

Retirement Planning

Residents of Columbus, MS can benefit greatly from the services of a retirement planner. One of the most common ways a retirement planner can help is by creating a personalized retirement plan that takes into account the unique needs and goals of each individual. This is especially important in Columbus, MS, where many residents may have specific concerns related to the local economy and job market. A retirement planner can help residents in Columbus, MS navigate these challenges and ensure that they are on track to achieve their retirement goals. Additionally, a retirement planner can provide valuable guidance on topics such as Social Security, Medicare, and estate planning, which can be complex and overwhelming for many individuals. By working with a retirement planner, residents of Columbus, MS can feel confident and secure in their retirement planning and enjoy a more comfortable and fulfilling retirement.

Wealth Management

Residents of Columbus, MS could benefit greatly from the services of a wealth manager. With a high poverty rate of 27.9%, many individuals in the area may struggle to manage their finances and plan for their future. A wealth manager can provide guidance on creating a budget, investing wisely, and planning for retirement. Additionally, Columbus is home to many small business owners who may need assistance with financial planning and tax strategies. A wealth manager can help these entrepreneurs navigate the complexities of managing their business finances and planning for growth. Overall, a wealth manager can provide valuable support and guidance to individuals and businesses in Columbus, MS, helping them achieve their financial goals and improve their overall financial stability.

Financial Advisor

Residents of Columbus, MS can benefit greatly from the guidance of a financial advisor. With a population of over 23,000, Columbus is a thriving city with a diverse economy. A financial advisor can provide valuable assistance to individuals and families looking to plan for their future and achieve their financial goals. For example, many residents in Columbus work in industries like healthcare, education, and manufacturing. A financial advisor can help these individuals navigate the complexities of employee benefits, such as 401(k) plans and healthcare options. Additionally, Columbus has a strong military presence due to the nearby Columbus Air Force Base. A financial advisor can help military families make informed decisions about their finances, including deployment pay and benefits. Overall, a financial advisor can provide personalized advice and support to help residents of Columbus, MS achieve financial stability and security.

Mortgage Loan Officer

Residents of Columbus, MS can benefit greatly from the services of a mortgage loan officer. These professionals can assist in securing financing for a new home or refinancing an existing mortgage. With the average home price in Columbus being around $125,000, many residents may require a mortgage to make a purchase. A loan officer can help navigate the complex process of obtaining a mortgage, including finding the best interest rates and terms. Additionally, they can help residents who may have credit issues or limited funds for a down payment. With their expertise, a mortgage loan officer can make the dream of homeownership a reality for many Columbus residents.

Tax Services

Residents of Columbus, MS can benefit greatly from the guidance of a tax advisor. With the unique tax codes and regulations that apply to Mississippi, a tax advisor can help residents navigate the complexities of state and federal tax laws. For example, many residents of Columbus work in the manufacturing industry, which can have specific tax implications that a tax advisor can help them understand and optimize. Additionally, Columbus has a large retiree population, and a tax advisor can provide valuable advice on tax-efficient ways to manage retirement savings and income. Overall, a tax advisor can help residents of Columbus, MS save money and avoid costly mistakes when it comes to their taxes.

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