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Bank Branches and ATMs in Ligonier, PA

First National Bank

5 out of 5

Location 402 W Main St, Ligonier, PA 15658, USA
Phone (724) 238-9433
Standard Bank ATM
Location 211 W Main St, Ligonier, PA 15658, USA
Phone (866) 856-2265
Simpson McGrady
Location 204 W Main St, Ligonier, PA 15658, USA
PNC Private Bank
Location 204 E Main St, Ligonier, PA 15658, USA
Phone (724) 238-3327
R K Mellon & Sons

5 out of 5

Location Darlington Rector Rd, Ligonier, PA 15658, USA
Phone (724) 238-1820
McCoy Wealth Management Group of Janney Montgomery Scott
Location 121 E Main St 2nd floor, Ligonier, PA 15658, USA
Phone (724) 238-6684
elek wealth management
Location 112 N Market St, Ligonier, PA 15658, USA
Phone (724) 441-4140
Westmoreland Financial Services

5 out of 5

Location 305 W Main St, Ligonier, PA 15658, USA
Phone (724) 995-8297
Citizens Bank

2 out of 5

Location 2841 Ligonier St, Latrobe, PA 15650, USA
Phone (724) 539-8534
Commercial National Bank
Location 900 Ligonier St, Latrobe, PA 15650, USA
Phone (724) 539-3501
Woodforest National Bank

4 out of 5

Location 100 Colony Ln, Latrobe, PA 15650, USA
Phone (724) 537-2120
First National Bank

3 out of 5

Location 3891 State Route 30, Latrobe, PA 15650, USA
Phone (724) 539-8501
Howard Hanna Ligonier

3 out of 5

Location 610 W Main St, Ligonier, PA 15658, USA
Phone (724) 238-9099
Location 2853 Ligonier St, Latrobe, PA 15650, USA
Phone (888) 762-2265
First National Bank ATM
Location 166 Ligonier St, New Florence, PA 15944, USA
Phone (800) 555-5618
First Commonwealth Bank

4 out of 5

Location 2501 Sharky's Drive, Latrobe, PA 15650, USA
Phone (724) 238-6130
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About Ligonier, PA

Ligonier is a borough in Westmoreland County, Pennsylvania, United States. The population was 2,442 at the 2010 census. It is located in the Laurel Highlands region of the state. Ligonier is home to some notable landmarks, including the Ligonier Diamond and Fort Ligonier. The borough also has a number of top employers, including Ligonier Valley School District, the town's largest employer, and Saint Vincent College. Major highways and streets in Ligonier include Route 30 and Route 711. The borough's neighborhoods include Main Street Historic District, Idlewild Park Historic District, and Fort Ligonier Historic District.

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Ligonier, PA Banking Related Services

Estate Planning Lawyer

Ligonier, PA residents who want to ensure their estate planning is done correctly can turn to estate planning lawyers. These professionals can help residents create wills, trusts, and other legal documents that will protect their assets and ensure their loved ones are taken care of after they die. In addition, estate planning lawyers can also advise Ligonier residents on tax laws and how they may impact their estate plans.

Insurance Broker

Ligonier, PA is a town in western Pennsylvania that is home to about 4,000 residents. The town is best known for its historic district, which was added to the National Register of Historic Places in 1978. Ligonier is also home to the Ligonier Valley Railroad Museum and the Fort Ligonier Museum. Ligonier residents rely on insurance brokers to help them find the best rates and coverage for their homes and businesses. Insurance brokers can help business owners find commercial insurance, workers' compensation insurance, and liability insurance. They can also help homeowners find homeowners insurance, renters insurance, and automobile insurance.

Retirement Planning

Ligonier, PA residents have a lot to consider when it comes to retirement planning. Fortunately, financial advisors can help make the process a little easier. Here are three ways in which financial advisors can assist with retirement planning: 1) Advisors can help assess current financial status and create a plan that is tailored specifically for the individual. 2) Advisors can provide guidance on how much money needs to be saved each year in order to achieve retirement goals. 3) Advisors can help manage investments and ensure that they remain on track towards reaching retirement goals.

Wealth Management

Ligonier, PA residents have a lot to gain from wealth management. Wealth management is the process of organizing, managing and protecting your assets. It can help you grow your money while also preserving it for future generations. In addition, wealth management can help reduce your taxes and provide you with a more secure financial future.

Financial Advisor

Residents of Ligonier, PA can benefit greatly from the services of a financial advisor. A good advisor can help you save money on taxes, invest your money wisely, and help you plan for retirement. If you live in Ligonier, PA, it is important to find a good financial advisor who can help you achieve your financial goals.

Mortgage Loan Officer

Mortgage loan officers in Ligonier, PA can help local residents secure home loans and mortgages. These professionals are knowledgeable about the loan process and can help residents find the best mortgage products for their needs. They can also provide guidance on how to improve a credit score and work with borrowers to get them approved for a home loan.

Tax Services

Residents of Ligonier, PA can benefit from the services of tax accountants. Tax accountants can help residents understand their tax situation and file their taxes accurately. They can also advise residents on how to reduce their taxes and save money.


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