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Bank Branches and ATMs in Lexington County, SC

First Community Bank

4 out of 5

Location 5455 Sunset Blvd, Lexington, SC 29072, USA
Phone (803) 951-0555
SouthState Bank

4 out of 5

Location 5109 Sunset Blvd, Lexington, SC 29072, USA
Phone (803) 951-3304
Woodforest National Bank

5 out of 5

Location 5556 Sunset Blvd, Lexington, SC 29072, USA
Phone (803) 399-0037
Bank of America (with Drive-thru services)

3 out of 5

Location 5559 Sunset Blvd, Lexington, SC 29072, USA
Phone (803) 957-0990
Palmetto Citizens Federal Credit Union

4 out of 5

Location 1835 S Lake Dr, Lexington, SC 29073, USA
Phone (803) 732-5000
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About Lexington County, SC

The county of Lexington is located in the central part of the state of South Carolina. The county seat is the city of Lexington, which is also the largest city in the county. Other major cities in the county include Gilbert, Chapin, and West Columbia. Lexington County is bisected by Interstate 26, which runs east-west through the county. Major highways and streets in Lexington County include U.S. Highway 1, State Highway 6, and State Highway 378. The county is home to a number of notable landmarks, including the Lexington County Museum, the Saluda Dam, and the Riverbanks Zoo and Garden. The top employers in Lexington County are Amazon, Boeing, and Columbia Memorial Hospital. The neighborhoods in Lexington County vary widely in terms of socioeconomic status and demographics. Some of the more affluent neighborhoods include Forest Acres, Woodcreek Farms, and Saint Andrews. The poorest neighborhoods are typically found in the southern part of the county near Fort Jackson.

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Lexington County, SC Banking Related Services

Estate Planning Lawyer

Estate planning lawyers can help Lexington County, SC residents protect their assets and plan for the future. By creating a will or trust, estate planning lawyers can help ensure that your assets are distributed according to your wishes after you die. They can also help you set up guardianship arrangements for your children in case something happens to you. And if you own a business, an estate planning lawyer can help you transfer ownership to your heirs in a way that minimizes taxes and other liabilities.

Insurance Broker

Residents of Lexington County, SC can benefit from the services of insurance brokers. Insurance brokers can help residents find the best rates and coverage for their needs. They can also help residents file claims and get their money back as quickly as possible. In addition, insurance brokers are familiar with the laws in Lexington County, SC and can help residents understand their rights when it comes to insurance.

Retirement Planning

Financial advisors can help Lexington County, SC residents with retirement planning in a number of ways. One way is by helping people to save for retirement. Financial advisors can work with people to create a budget and savings plan that will allow them to retire comfortably. Advisors can also help people invest their money wisely so that they will have enough money to last throughout their retirement years. In addition, financial advisors can provide valuable advice on when it is the right time to start taking Social Security benefits and how much money to withdraw each year from retirement accounts. By working with a financial advisor, Lexington County residents can be sure that they are making the best decisions for their retirement planning needs.

Wealth Management

Residents of Lexington County, SC have the unique opportunity to take advantage of wealth management services. Wealth management can help residents save money, make money, and plan for their future. By working with a wealth manager, Lexington County residents can get personalized advice and support that will help them reach their financial goals.

Financial Advisor

In Lexington County, SC, many residents find themselves struggling to make ends meet. Financial advisors can help these residents by providing them with sound financial advice that will allow them to save money and plan for the future. Advisors can also help residents invest their money wisely and protect it from fraud. In short, financial advisors provide a host of valuable services that can help Lexington County residents achieve financial stability and peace of mind.

Mortgage Loan Officer

Mortgage loan officers in Lexington County, SC can help residents by providing them with the best possible mortgage rates and terms. By working with a mortgage loan officer, residents can ensure they are getting the best deal on their mortgage, and that their interests are always protected. In addition, mortgage loan officers can also help residents understand the complex paperwork involved in mortgages, and guide them through the entire process.

Tax Services

Residents of Lexington County, SC can benefit from the help of tax accountants in order to ensure that they are getting the best possible return on their investment. Tax accountants can help residents understand how their taxes are calculated and what deductions and credits they may be eligible for. In addition, tax accountants can help residents plan for future years by setting up a budget and estimating how much they will owe or receive in refunds.


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