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HomeTrust Bank - South Asheville

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Location 1825 Hendersonville Rd, Asheville, NC 28803, USA
Phone (828) 277-4300
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About Buncombe County, NC

Buncombe County is located in western North Carolina and is part of the Asheville metropolitan area. The county seat is Asheville, which is also the largest city in the county. Buncombe County is home to a number of notable landmarks, including the Biltmore Estate, the Blue Ridge Parkway, and Mount Mitchell. The county's top employer is Mission Hospital, followed by Park Ridge Health and Asheville-Buncombe Technical Community College. Major highways and streets in Buncombe County include Interstate 40, U.S. Route 19, and North Carolina Highway 191. Some of the county's most prominent neighborhoods include Montford, Kenilworth, and Oakley.

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Buncombe County, NC Banking Related Services

Estate Planning Lawyer

Estate planning lawyers can help Buncombe County, NC residents protect their assets in the event of an unexpected death or disability. A well-drafted estate plan can also minimize tax liability and ensure that your loved ones are taken care of after you're gone. If you live in Buncombe County, it's important to work with a qualified estate planning attorney who understands the local laws and customs.

Insurance Broker

Buncombe County, NC is a rural county located in the Appalachian Mountains. The county is home to about 240,000 residents and is known for its natural beauty and outdoor activities. The main industries in Buncombe County are healthcare, manufacturing, and tourism. The healthcare industry is growing rapidly, thanks to the presence of Mission Health System, one of the largest healthcare providers in the state. Mission Health System employs thousands of people in Buncombe County and contributes millions of dollars to the local economy. However, many residents of Buncombe County lack health insurance. This puts a strain on the local healthcare system and drives up costs for everyone. Insurance brokers can help by educating residents about their options and helping them find affordable health insurance plans that meet their needs.

Retirement Planning

Buncombe County is a great place to retire, with its stunning mountain scenery and low cost of living. But even if you're lucky enough to live there, you still need to do some careful planning in order to make the most of your retirement years. That's where financial advisors can help. They can help you figure out how much money you'll need to cover your costs, and how best to invest your savings so that they'll last as long as possible. They can also give you advice on ways to reduce your taxes and keep your expenses down in retirement. So if you're nearing retirement age, or just starting to think about it, it's a good idea to talk to a financial advisor about your options.

Wealth Management

Buncombe County, North Carolina is one of the wealthiest counties in the United States. But with wealth comes great responsibility. Residents of Buncombe County need to be proactive about their finances and invest in a good wealth management plan. A wealth management plan can help residents protect their assets, grow their money, and prepare for retirement. If you live in Buncombe County, it's important to consult with a financial advisor who can create a custom wealth management plan for you.

Financial Advisor

Buncombe County, NC is a beautiful place to live, with plenty of opportunity for growth. However, many residents find themselves struggling financially, especially in these tough times. Financial advisors can help Buncombe County residents make the most of their money and plan for a brighter future.

Mortgage Loan Officer

Mortgage loan officers in Buncombe County, NC can help residents by providing them with information about the different types of mortgages available. They can also help residents find the best mortgage for their needs and budget. In addition, mortgage loan officers can provide counseling to help residents make the best financial decisions for their families.

Tax Services

Residents of Buncombe County, NC can benefit from the expertise of tax accountants in order to ensure that they are taking all available deductions and credits on their taxes. Tax accountants can also help residents plan for future years and make sure that they are taking full advantage of the tax code.


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