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Sheena Young

Ph.D., PMP®

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Meet Sheena Young, a Financial Advisor dedicated to empowering the underserved community. She believes everyone deserves a secure financial future and offers personalized guidance for retirement planning and building wealth for the next generation. Whether you are just starting out or managing your assets, Sheena can help you achieve financial well-being.

  • PhD in Environmental Engineering - University of Arizona
  • MS in Chemistry - University of Maryland
  • MS in Environmental Engineering - Johns Hopkins University
  • BS in Chemistry - Spelman College
  • Project Management Professional™
  • Portfolio Management
  • Wealth Planning
  • Financial Advice


Fee-only advisors can't receive kickbacks for investments they recommend. This removes conflict of interest when serving you as a client.



Fiduciaries are legally obligated to provide advice in the best interest of the client, unlike other advisors who only ensure their advice is "suitable."

Get to Know

Get to Know Sheena Young

Sheena Young is a financial advisor specializing in serving the underserved community with personalized guidance for retirement planning and wealth building.

Some things you should know about me are:
  • Chemist currently working as a program manager for government defense and commercial health programs
  • Mother to a beautiful toddler
  • Passionate traveler and nature lover

Sheena Young's History

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Student Growth & Early Milestones (2000-2004)

I juggled my education, purchased my first home, and began my career in chemistry/program management.

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Earning a PhD Degree – 2016

This major accomplishment was a pivotal moment in my personal and professional development.

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Financial Setback & Building Community Impact (2019-2020)

Closing my shoe business taught me about risk, while the market downturn sparked my interest in finance and led me to co-found STEMPIRE Inc.

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Investing in My Home & Future – 2023

Purchasing a new home demonstrated my continued commitment to building a secure financial foundation.

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Becoming a Mother – 2022

My daughter Genevieve's birth profoundly impacted my life.

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Transitioning Into Finance – 2021

I formally entered the world of finance as an independent investment advisor representative for Transamerica Financial Advisors.

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Embracing Risk-Taking in Diverse Businesses – 2023

I strategically invest in various business endeavors, including those focused on STEM education and empowerment.

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Career in Chemistry/Program Management (Ongoing)

Throughout these milestones, I have maintained my fulfilling career in chemistry and program management.

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Joining 11 Financial – 2024

Attracted to their mission, I joined 11 Financial to expand my impact in helping others achieve financial well-being.

Media Mentions and Industry Involvement


“You can buy insurance even when your children are babies. That’s actually the best time because they’re typically in good health, which can make it easier to get a policy and keep the premiums low.”


"Saving for education strengthens rather than competes with your retirement goals, allowing you to build a secure financial future."


"Forget chasing a one-size-fits-all number for retirement savings. The key is to personalize your savings rate and adjust as your life evolves."


Sheena's Specialties & Expertise

College Savings and Planning


Sheena knows the importance of planning for your child's future education. With her financial planning expertise and personal experience as a parent, she can create a personalized college savings strategy. She'll factor in your financial situation, your child's goals, and potential aid options to help you build a strong college fund – whether you're starting early or playing catch-up.

Retirement Planning


Sheena recognizes that retirement planning can be complex. With her financial planning expertise, she'll create a personalized strategy that fits your unique needs and goals. She'll evaluate your current finances, income requirements, and risk tolerance to help you build a secure retirement so you can enjoy those years worry-free.

Stock Option Planning


Sheena is aware that stock options can be a valuable but complex part of your compensation. With her financial planning expertise, she can help you make smart decisions about your options. She'll consider tax implications, your risk tolerance, and overall financial goals to develop a strategy that maximizes the benefit of your stock options.

Comprehensive Wealth Management


Sheena knows that your financial picture extends beyond investments. Her financial planning expertise allows her to offer comprehensive wealth management services. She can help with retirement planning, tax strategies, insurance, estate planning, and more. Sheena works to understand your unique needs, creating a tailored plan to help you build, protect, and manage your wealth effectively.

Debt Management and Advice


Sheena understands debt can be stressful. Her financial planning experience allows her to offer personalized debt management advice. She'll analyze your spending, assess your current debt, and create a realistic repayment strategy. Whether it's student loans, credit cards, or other forms of debt, Sheena can help you work towards a debt-free future.

What It's Like to Work With Sheena Young

"Outstanding professionals who deeply care for their clients."

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