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Meet Matt Williamson, your trusted advisor for active investing. A skilled trading coach and soon-to-be published author of the Options QuickStart Guide, Matt brings his expertise in volatility, hedging, and options trading to the table. He is a valuable resource for those seeking to navigate the market and make informed investment decisions.

  • Bachelor's Degree in Music
  • Registered Investment Advisor
  • UHNW Client Management
  • Options Trading
  • Technical Analysis and Charting
  • Trading Educator and Coach


Fee-only advisors can't receive kickbacks for investments they recommend. This removes conflict of interest when serving you as a client.



Fiduciaries are legally obligated to provide advice in the best interest of the client, unlike other advisors who only ensure their advice is "suitable."

Get to Know

Get to Know Matt Williamson

Beyond financial expertise, Matt Williamson brings a rich tapestry of life experience to the table.

Some things you should know about me are:
  • I am a father to a brilliant 8-year-old daughter who keeps me on my toes
  • A former rockstar and guitar instructor to an impressive clientele, including Guy Ritchie, Bette Midler, and the Soros Family
  • An avid adventurer who enjoys skydiving, tennis (cheering on Carlitos, of course!), and scuba diving
  • Approaches the market as the ultimate intellectual challenge, a complex puzzle waiting to be solved

Matt Williamson's History

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1990s - Early Spark

Believe it or not, a paper trading project in elementary school sparked my lifelong fascination with finance. It's been with me ever since!

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1999 - 2005 – From Music to Rockstar

A music degree from the University of Montevallo launched an unexpected journey - rocking out as a professional guitarist and meeting icons before fate steered me toward financial expertise.

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2011 – Finding Love

In 2011, I found my soulmate and got married. We started building a life together.

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2017 – Financial Expertise Recognized

I had the opportunity to share my knowledge of options trading as a subject matter expert in the finance industry.

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2015 – NYC Real Estate Rollercoaster

Concurrent with the arrival of our baby, we bought an apartment in NYC which was quite an adventure! The market was crazy competitive, but we found our place and made it work.

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2015 – Family First

The greatest joy of my life arrived – my daughter, Annabelle. Fatherhood changed everything for the better.

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2018 – Financial Setback and Resilience

A misstep with volatility forced us to downsize and rebuild, but we faced it as a team and came out stronger.

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2019 – Financial Goal Achieved:

My wife and I conquered a $75k debt and avoided credit card balances, but strategically used rewards!

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2024 – Joined 11 Financial

The company's growth and strong leadership impressed me. I knew it was the right place for me to leverage my experience and be part of a winning team.

Media Mentions and Industry Involvement


Financial Planning for Small Business Owners


Running a small business is demanding. Matt gets it. He's helped entrepreneurs like you navigate the complexities of business finance. From cash flow to taxes to investments, Matt will create a plan that keeps your business growing and your personal finances on track. Let Matt handle the finances, so you can focus on what you do best – running your business.

Hedge Fund Strategies


Considering advanced investment options? Matt's understanding of hedge funds can be your advantage. He'll navigate this complex area with you, crafting a strategy that aligns with your risk tolerance and long-term goals. This approach aims for strong returns while managing your overall portfolio risk.

Alternative Investments


Matt can help you diversify beyond stocks and bonds. He's familiar with alternative investments like real estate or private equity. Together, you can build a plan that fits your risk comfort level and long-term goals. This approach aims to spread out your investments and potentially increase returns.

Fixed Income Strategies


Matt's expertise in fixed income strategies creates custom bond portfolios that fit your risk tolerance and income needs. These portfolios offer stability, predictable returns, and the potential for long-term growth. With Matt, you can invest in fixed income with confidence, knowing your portfolio is built for your long-term goals.

Behavioral Finance/Investing


Emotions can cloud investment decisions. Matt understands this. He uses his knowledge of behavioral finance to help you identify and manage these biases. This keeps your focus on long-term goals, not short-term feelings, leading to smarter investment choices.

What It's Like to Work With Matt Williamson

"Outstanding professionals who deeply care for their clients."

Jacob H.

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