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Meet Collin Lyon, the Everyday Giver's Advisor, dedicated to helping individuals transition from self-reliance to abundant living. Passionate about family, community, and church involvement, Collin believes everyone can leave a positive impact on the world sustainably. Join him in achieving financial prosperity with a purpose.

  • Bachelor of Science in Health Entrepreneurship and Innovation-Arizona State University
  • Associate's Degree - Eastern Arizona College
  • Chartered Financial Consultant™
  • Financial Advisor
  • Retirement Planning
  • Investment Strategies
  • Impactful Gifting Strategies
  • Military and Federal Financial Planning
  • Risk Management


Fee-only advisors can't receive kickbacks for investments they recommend. This removes conflict of interest when serving you as a client.



Fiduciaries are legally obligated to provide advice in the best interest of the client, unlike other advisors who only ensure their advice is "suitable."

Get to Know

Get to Know Collin Lyon

Collin Lyon is empowering Everyday Givers with personalized financial planning for abundant living.

Some things you should know about me are:
  • I'm a self-proclaimed nerd, addicted to learning through non-fiction books and masterclasses, aside from formal schooling
  • Family is my top priority; I love traveling with my kids and watching them discover the world
  • Crafting pens for friends has become my creative outlet
  • I grew up as a military kid in Japan and Germany
  • Martial arts is a passion of mine, and I enjoy teaching self-defense skills to my son

Collin Lyon's History

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2011 – World Martial Arts Grand Champion and Instructor

I achieved the title of World Martial Arts Grand Champion and served as an instructor, where I honed my teaching abilities and shared my expertise with students, reinforcing the value of hard work.

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2015 – Missionary in Orlando

I was serving as a missionary in Orlando, Florida, focusing on community outreach and personal spiritual growth.

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2017 – Dad's Lesson: Save and Grow With Compound Interest

I returned home from my mission and learned from my dad the powerful impact of consistent saving and investing, even with small amounts, through the power of compound interest.

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2021 – Graduation and Career Transition

I graduated from Arizona State University and began my career as a Financial Advisor at First Command Financial, focusing on Military and Federal clients, while prioritizing ongoing education for myself and my family.

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2019 – Welcoming David

We celebrated the birth of our first child, David Lyon, marking a new chapter in our family life.

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2018 – Strength Through Partnership

I married Tirsa Lyon, creating a strong family. Despite our modest income, we were happy and self-sufficient while she served in the Air Force, providing stability as I finished college, and setting us up for a successful start to our adult lives.

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2022 – Relocation and Setback

We moved to Ohio after living in Hawaii for 8 months due to a man-made ecological disaster, experiencing a significant financial setback. However, we managed it with preparedness and resilience.

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2023 – Homeownership and Family Focus

We purchased our first home in Ohio, focusing on our lifestyle and raising our children according to our values and aspirations.

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2024 – Expansion of Family and Professional Growth

We welcomed our second child, Lucas Lyon, into the family. I joined 11 Financial as a Financial Advisor, seeking alignment with my values of faith and family while prioritizing meaningful client relationships over conflicts of interest.

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Media Mentions and Industry Involvement


"Charitable gifting strategies have a dual impact - not only does the receiver benefit, but the giver also begins to craft a legacy which clarifies what is important to them."


“You may use budgeting apps as a complement to help you track expenses better and set reminders for envelope refills.”


"Understanding charitable tax deductions is more than just about tax savings. It's a strategic component of financial planning that aligns with one's philanthropic values."


Collin's Specialties and Expertise

Financial Planning for Professionals


Collin is an experienced financial planner specializing in Financial Planning for Professionals. With tailored strategies for doctors, lawyers, engineers, and more, Collin helps maximize your financial potential. From investments to retirement planning, trust Collin to navigate complex financial landscapes with ease. Schedule a consultation and secure your financial future with confidence.

Philanthropic Planning/Charitable Giving Strategies


Collin, our experienced financial advisor, excels in Philanthropic Planning and Charitable Giving Strategies. With a pragmatic approach, Collin helps clients navigate the complexities of giving back. Drawing from his knowledge of tax laws, charitable vehicles, and financial planning, Collin crafts tailored solutions that align with his clients' values and goals. Whether it's establishing a donor-advised fund or optimizing charitable contributions, Collin ensures that his clients make a meaningful impact while maximizing their financial benefits.

Financial Planning for Military Families


Collin specializes in Financial Planning for Military Families, offering practical solutions tailored to their unique circumstances. With a keen understanding of the challenges and opportunities inherent in military life, Collin provides personalized guidance to navigate complex financial terrain. Drawing from experience and a commitment to client-focused service, he ensures his clients achieve financial stability with confidence.

Financial Planning for Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints


Collin specializes in Financial Planning for Members of the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints (LDS), offering tailored guidance that respects their faith and values. With a deep understanding of the unique financial considerations faced by LDS members, Collin provides personalized solutions to address their specific needs. Leveraging his experience and commitment to client-centered service, Collin ensures his clients achieve financial security while honoring their religious beliefs.

Behavioral Finance


Explore how Collin, your experienced financial planner, can assist you with Behavioral Finance. With a keen understanding of human behavior's influence on financial decisions, Collin offers personalized strategies to overcome biases and reach your goals. Trust Collin to guide you through the complexities of Behavioral Finance with assurance.

What It's Like to Work With Collin Lyon

"Outstanding professionals who deeply care for their clients."

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