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(847) 824-4078

1295 Rand Road

Des Plaines, IL 60016

SEC#: 801-112395
Years in Business: 3 years



(770) 710-3856

2340 S. River Road
Suite 108
Des Plaines, IL 60018

SEC#: 801-66368
Years in Business: 15 years



(312) 578-9300

2700 S. River Road
Suite 115
Des Plaines, IL 60018

SEC#: 801-113605
Years in Business: 3 years

How Retirement-Friendly is Des Plaines, IL?

  • Population: 58,673
  • % of Population 62 Years and Over: 23.8%
  • Average Home Value: $264,600
  • Average Monthly Housing Cost: $1,301
  • Average Household Income: $90,181
  • Illinois Total Tax Burden: 9.52% (9th Highest in U.S.)
  • Illinois Property Tax: 4.00% (8th Highest in U.S.)
  • Illinois Individual Income Tax: 2.11% (19th Lowest in U.S.)
  • Illinois Sales and Excise Tax: 3.41% (24th Highest in U.S.)

Des Plaines, IL Financial Advisor FAQs

Financial advisors typically get paid either retainer fees, hourly rates, or commissions.
There are a lot of places that suggest advisors to talk to. You can check out registries from the Securities and Exchange Commission, advisor's licenses from your state, or National Association of Certified Financial Fiduciaries. All these websites will show you advisors in your market and give you contact information for them.
Choosing a financial advisor, like choosing any professional to work with, can be difficult. You want someone whose level of expertise is comparable to your own, who shares your values and beliefs and has the education you think is necessary for managing your investments in retirement savings plans.
A financial advisor can help you assemble an investment portfolio that also fits your risk tolerance, time horizon, and goals. When considering the decision of whether or not to use a financial advisor, make sure you understand what they will charge for their services, as well as what you are getting in return.