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3505 Hill Blvd.
Suite J
Yorktown Heights, NY 10598

SEC#: 801-76540
Years in Business: 9 years

How Retirement-Friendly is Yorktown Heights, NY?

  • Population: 1,393
  • % of Population 62 Years and Over: 32.8%
  • Average Home Value: $468,800
  • Average Monthly Housing Cost: $1,395
  • Average Household Income: $126,382
  • New York Total Tax Burden: 12.79% (Highest in U.S.)
  • New York Property Tax: 4.40% (6th Highest in U.S.)
  • New York Individual Income Tax: 4.96% (Highest in U.S.)
  • New York Sales and Excise Tax: 3.43% (22nd Highest in U.S.)

Yorktown Heights, NY Financial Advisor FAQs

If you have a lot of money, then yes. For example, if your wealth is in the form of intangible assets such as intellectual property or if your needs are not being met with the services provided by your current financial advisor(s), then hire an expert who can evaluate risk for these types of investments and take on the responsibility
Financial advisors typically charge their clients an ongoing annual fee of 1-2% AUM on top of the hourly billing rates.
Financial advisors are typically compensated through receiving commissions based on the product they are promoting, usually through sales of bonds, variable annuities, mutual funds, life insurance policies or other products.
The best way to choose a financial advisor is by asking the person these questions: How much of your time will you spend on my finances (I want dedicated guidance); what type(s) of investments do you recommend; how willing are you to sell my investments for me when it's appropriate; what fees am I expected to pay; and, am I allowed to make investment changes.