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A good financial planner can increase your returns by as much as 3% annually.


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Assuming $350k initial investment at 6% annual growth vs 9% annual growth for 30 years.

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How Retirement-Friendly is Kula, HI?

  • Population: 7,621
  • % of Population 62 Years and Over: 30.5%
  • Average Home Value: $1067,500
  • Average Monthly Housing Cost: $1,615
  • Average Household Income: $118,852
  • Hawaii Total Tax Burden: 12.19% (2nd Highest in U.S.)
  • Hawaii Property Tax: 2.45% (16th Lowest in U.S.)
  • Hawaii Individual Income Tax: 3.09% (10th Highest in U.S.)
  • Hawaii Sales and Excise Tax: 6.65% (Highest in U.S.)

The Top Financial Advisor Firms in Kula, HI




(808) 214-5012

29 Kolonahe Place

Kula, HI 96790

SEC#: 801-118879
Years in Business: 1 years



(360) 379-0295

1568 Lower Kimo Road

Kula, HI 96790

SEC#: 801-63874
Years in Business: 17 years


Kula, HI Financial Advisor FAQs

Kula is a district of Maui, Hawaii, that spans through Makawao towards Ulupalakua through the "up-country," the western-facing slopes of Haleakala. The majority of the residential districts are located between 500 and 1,100 meters (1,600 and 3,600 feet) above sea level. Aloha Santa is a small internet company with only 50 employees and a $690,000 yearly revenue situated in Kula, Hawaii. Kula is noted for its vibrant flower fields and botanical gardens, as well as broad vistas of farmland and ranchland with the Pacific Ocean in the background. We can be of help on your financial journey through financial advisors stationed in Kula, HI. Kula is a district of Maui, Hawaii. It extends from Makawao to Ulparaqua across the upcountry, the west-facing slopes inside Haleakala. Other upcountry cities include Pukalani, Makawao, Keokea and Urparaqua. Kula is Maui's premier agricultural area, with many farms supplying Hawaii's best restaurants. Kula is also cattle country, with a large population of paniolos. Farm and botanical garden tours, including Enchanting Flower Gardens, are among its attractions. See where nearby financial advisors serve through the links below.

The best way to choose a financial advisor is by looking at their track record. Look for an advisor with lots of successful investment experiences under his or her belt and who has had little turnover in record keeping staff.

If you are investing money for yourself (i.e. you are self-employed or an entrepreneur with an income), or if your investments don't balance out properly, then you probably need to speak to a financial advisor. A good financial advisor will help keep your finances in order, and they can also help teach you about the types of savings vehicles that exist (such as stocks, bonds, mutual funds).

A financial advisor provides recommendations and advice to help clients reach their financial goals, and in some cases may execute trades on the client's behalf. There are many different roles for a financial advisor including long-term, term life or disability insurance advisors, risk management advisers, retirement planners and more.

Financial advisors exist on a wide variety of pricing scales. Many advisors charge upwards of thirty thousand dollars or more, while many others can be found for much less. In some cases, the fee for an advisor is dependent on the individual's services and/or firms size, while in other cases it can be one set flat rate.

Disclaimer: The above references an opinion and is for information purposes only. It is not intended to be investment advice. Seek a duly licensed professional for investment advice.