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(804) 746-5411

8529 Meadowbridge Rd
Suite 700
Mechanicsville, VA 23116

SEC#: 801-71000
Years in Business: 11 years

How Retirement-Friendly is Hanover County, VA?

  • Population: 105,537
  • % of Population 62 Years and Over: 21.2%
  • Average Home Value: $290,300
  • Average Monthly Housing Cost: $1,322
  • Average Household Income: $108,752
  • Virginia Total Tax Burden: 7.86% (14th Lowest in U.S.)
  • Virginia Property Tax: 2.93% (22nd Highest in U.S.)
  • Virginia Individual Income Tax: 2.87% (11th Highest in U.S.)
  • Virginia Sales and Excise Tax: 2.06% (6th Lowest in U.S.)

Hanover County, VA Financial Advisor FAQs

One can get paid through commissions, fees, or assets under management. Financial advisors don't charge a fee for their services unless the advisory agreement specifies that they will.
Ask them what experience they have, if they specialize in a specific area, and how long they've been an advisor.
Look for someone who has enough experience and licenses to make them credible. A good place to start is the US Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) web site at www.sec.gov, which provides basic information on each advisor's status as well as how they can be contacted directly for more details.
Financial advisors offer financial planning, management and advice to businesses and individuals. They provide services including portfolio design, retirement strategies, insurance policies, budgeting for education expenses or how to purchase a new home.