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21 Maple Ave

Bay Shore, NY 11706

SEC#: 801-56496
Years in Business: 22 years



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423 South Country Road

Bay Shore, NY 11706

SEC#: 801-26495
Years in Business: 35 years

How Retirement-Friendly is Bay Shore, NY?

  • Population: 29,799
  • % of Population 62 Years and Over: 14.2%
  • Average Home Value: $331,000
  • Average Monthly Housing Cost: $1,955
  • Average Household Income: $107,939
  • New York Total Tax Burden: 12.79% (Highest in U.S.)
  • New York Property Tax: 4.40% (6th Highest in U.S.)
  • New York Individual Income Tax: 4.96% (Highest in U.S.)
  • New York Sales and Excise Tax: 3.43% (22nd Highest in U.S.)

Bay Shore, NY Financial Advisor FAQs

It depends on your personal situation, but in general it is always advisable to consult with an advisor even if you are well-versed in finance.
A financial advisor's role is to maintain a current and manageable investment portfolio for their clients, while providing insight into more complicated investments. In this manner, they can help clients identify potential growth patterns that may help them meet future goals. A good advisor will not only look at the bigger picture of an individual's life situation today but also anticipate how it might change in the future.
Deciding what type of investment vehicle you need advice on should be your first step in looking for an advisor because this will help narrow down your search to advisors that specialize in that specific field.
All in all, the best place to look for an advisor is with recommendations from friends and colleagues. However, if you're not sure where to start, check out The National Association of Personal Financial Advisors! They maintain a database of advisors nationwide so you can find someone knowledgeable close to home or work.