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(763) 208-4600

13787 Yellow Pine St

Andover, MN 55304

SEC#: 801-72701
Years in Business: 10 years

How Retirement-Friendly is Anoka County, MN?

  • Population: 350,253
  • % of Population 62 Years and Over: 17%
  • Average Home Value: $237,400
  • Average Monthly Housing Cost: $1,273
  • Average Household Income: $98,194
  • Minnesota Total Tax Burden: 9.99% (6th Highest in U.S.)
  • Minnesota Property Tax: 2.86% (23rd Highest in U.S.)
  • Minnesota Individual Income Tax: 3.68% (5th Highest in U.S.)
  • Minnesota Sales and Excise Tax: 3.45% (20th Highest in U.S.)

Anoka County, MN Financial Advisor FAQs

Financial advisors are compensated differently usually depending on the service that they offer to clients. Their expertise, licenses, and credentials will also affect their compensation.
Financial advisors give you an analysis which includes the following when appropriate: asset allocation among different asset classes; risk tolerance profile assigned by assessing emotional intelligence; and personal needs assessment based on values assessment.
Financial advisors are definitely a huge help. They are trained professionals who have excellent mathematical minds and are well-versed in the banking industry. They help evaluate which products/services are suitable to fit your needs in managing your finances.
Scrutinize the credentials a potential financial advisor has. Ask about relevant expertise in a specific niche. Determine his/her strengths and weaknesses. Also ask about the products/services he/she can offer.