Is Accounts Receivable a Current Asset? | Finance Strategists

Yes, accounts receivable is considered a current asset, so long as the account balance is expected to be paid within one year of being incurred. 

Current assets are any assets that can be converted into cash within a period of one year. This includes products that are sold for cash as well as resources that are consumed, used, or exhausted through regular business operations that are expected to provide a cash value return within a single year. 

Accounts receivable are funds that a company is owed by clients who have received a good or service, but have not yet paid. For these funds to be a current asset, they must be expected to be received within a year. An example of accounts receivable is Google Ads which allows businesses to incur an advertising bill and collect the funds after the ad placements have been used by the business. The outstanding funds waiting to be collected will be included in accounts receivable.