Zach Steiner

Zachary Steiner, Content Specialist

Zachary Steiner is a writer and editor based in Tucson, Arizona.

He has been working with the UpDigital team since August of 2019.

Before this role, he earned his B.A. in English from the University of Arizona, where he was also awarded the University’s Professional and Technical Writing certificate.

His previous editing work includes a position as Production Editor at World of Words, an academic organization within the UA College of Education producing journals relating to pedagogy, literacy, and literature.

He has also written grant proposals for CORE Academy in Walnut Creek, California.

About Finance Strategists

Here at Finance Strategists, we believe one of the best ways you can help someone is with their finances.

We create helpful informational videos and content to help people take control of their finances.

Finance Strategists plans to launch “Finance Strategists for Kids” where we teach fundamental financial concepts to kids in a clear manner allowing them to generate margin in their lives to bless other people.

We believe raising up a generation of leaders with financial freedom can change individual lives, neighborhoods, countries, and the world.