Mark Cussen

Mark P. Cussen, CMFC®

About Mark:

Mark has over 25 years of experience in the financial industry, and has worked with investments, insurance and mortgages as well as income tax preparation and comprehensive financial planning.

His writing work includes insurance and securities training manuals and educational articles for several financial websites, such as and

He has also worked as a stockbroker in the full-service, discount and banking arenas as well as serving as a financial counselor for the U.S. military.

He currently works as a retirement planner for government employees and also helps high net worth clients to avoid taxation on the sale of highly appreciated assets.

Mark has a Bachelor of Science in English from the University of Kansas.

In his spare time, Mark enjoys reading, church activities, watching sports and cooking.

About Finance Strategists

Here at Finance Strategists, we believe one of the best ways you can help someone is with their finances.

We create helpful informational videos and content to help people take control of their finances.

Finance Strategists plans to launch “Finance Strategists for Kids” where we teach fundamental financial concepts to kids in a clear manner allowing them to generate margin in their lives to bless other people.

We believe raising up a generation of leaders with financial freedom can change individual lives, neighborhoods, countries, and the world.