Josiah Sheffer

Josiah Sheffer, Audio & Video Production Manager

Josiah Sheffer is a recent college graduate pursuing a career in commercial advertising. He has a background in film/television as an editor and camera operator, as well as a public speaker and event host.

At Finance Strategists, Josiah creates, edits and organizes digital media. Josiah thrives in the Pacific Northwest, obsessed with finding good ideas to turn into good content.

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About Finance Strategists

Here at Finance Strategists, we believe one of the best ways you can help someone is with their finances.

We create helpful informational videos and content to help people take control of their finances.

Finance Strategists plans to launch “Finance Strategists for Kids” where we teach fundamental financial concepts to kids in a clear manner allowing them to generate margin in their lives to bless other people.

We believe raising up a generation of leaders with financial freedom can change individual lives, neighborhoods, countries, and the world.